PSN “End of May” Stories – Don’t Panic

We’re seeing stories appear around the web about the PSN not returning until the 31st of May. After a quick dig deeper, it seems that these stories have all sprung up after a statement made to Bloomberg by Shigenori Yoshida in which he states that the company’s plan to return full services by the 31st May is unchanged.

Many stories we’ve seen are concerned that what that statement means is that the PSN will not be back online before then – making it six weeks of total downtime for the service. We’re more inclined to believe that the statement is actually just a reaffirmation of the previously stated goal to get the Store up by the end of the month. Other services were supposed to start rolling out last week but have obviously missed that rough target. We still expect that Sony are working to get those services up and running long before the Store’s targeted reinstatement at the end of the month.


Hopefully SCE can cut this speculation off quickly by offering another statement on the issue as soon as possible. They do seem to have gone quiet again since missing the deadline for some resumption of services.

Source: Bloomberg via MCV



  1. Can’t say I’m suprised they missed their deadline. Think everyone is more than a little bit fed up with it all now.


  3. To be honest, I’m not too bothered – I used to play MW2 religiously, however with the downtime I’ve now had a chance to work through my backlog of games and realise what I’ve been missing: completed Portal 2 (just need PSN for co-op to get Platinum Trophy); completed Dead Space 2 (doing Hardcore for Platinum Trophy); and have gone way back to finish Mirrors Edge. Then Brink is out Friday! :)

    I do want to Sync my Trophies ASAP though!!!

    • Fingers crossed for you PS3 gamers the PSN is back up by Friday. Judging by what I’ve seen of Brink, playing it offline will be a very watered down experience.

      • That’s what I was thinking. I think I’ll wait until the psn is running before I purchase brink.

      • Agreed….although my backlog of games should keep me busy should PSN not be up! :)

      • Will be interesting to see how Brink does in terms of PS3 sales if the PSN doesn’t come back online. Personally speaking if I was buying it on PS3 I too would hold fire on buying it until the PSN was back up and running, but with LA Noire out the following week I would imagine I would then give Brink a miss entirely.

      • LA Noire will be a offline experience so when I have that will be no multiplayer for for a while.

      • I agree, this could affect the ps3 sales of brink quite badly.

      • I’ve preorder Brink and LA Noire…this is probably why I have such a backlog of games to finish!

      • Lol, must admit I fall into that trap all the time too. I was supposed to be having a break from games for a while but I only lasted a couple of weeks because I had so many games sitting on my shelf shouting “play meeee!”

      • I know what you mean…I’m having to leave things like New Vegas behind (although I own it). It appears very similar to Fallout 3 which I completed so I think I’d rather experience something new like Brink or LA Noire than repeating the same formula. That’s the only drawback of Next Gen concoles….games can be far too long. It was nice to complete Portal 2 and going back to Mirrors Edge – both are great games and not too long, allowing me to enjoy other games too!

        Not sure how you managed 2 weeks without games though :( Lol

      • I’m not buying anything until this farce is resolved. It’s bad enough that my lovefilm sub is practically useless.

      • I agree, I much prefer a game I can rattle through in about 5 hours instead of these 30 hour epics. Occasionally a game like Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2 or LA Noire comes along where I make an exception to this, but for the most part I like being able to play a game through in a couple of days, where the plot is still nice and fresh in my mind :)

        “Not sure how you managed 2 weeks without games though :( Lol” believe me I was climbing the walls by the end LOL

      • was wanting to get brink to(high st)
        various 2different eu release dates on the web, also on 6th ax homepage, you have an ad on the right above your profile bar, saying in stores may13 & the larger ad below says may20. off to ring game for confirmation.

        no online has me debating however, whether to put brink on hold & get l.a. noire. it was originally l.a.n i was going to get a little later. hmmm

      • to *too

    • @psychobudgie I don’t think we can be too harsh on Sony, they are a victim too….and the PSN is free. However, I do think that the system and access for 3rd party subscriptions such as LoveFilm, FirstPlay etc should be reviewed. Along with being able to access your download history outside of the PSN Store (if you paid for DLC you should be able to access it)….although I doubt any of it will since they are all reliant on the PSN. I feel your pain

    • yeah I want to sync my trophies as well. PSN being down has made me revisit a few old games, finally finished off the Hive Mind in Dead Space and cleared up about 5 trophies so have well and truly got my moneys-worth out of the £5 it cost me

      • Nice….and that’s v cheap! I recommend Dead Space 2. The Hardcore mode in is epic…you can only save 3 times and there are no check points! (Basically you can’t die). Had to do 5 chapters without a save yesterday :(

        It’s not much harder (so far) but it makes some moments and set pieces more intense – if you die, it’s back to your last save!

      • Hardcore is insane on that game! I remember reaching chapter5 without saving, getting a bit greedy and attempting chapter6 before saving…. stupid idea. Lost a couple of hours progress :(

      • Yeah – I was going to save during chapter 6 then realised I would save towards the end of chapter 5 in the Temple, just before the 2 set pieces that could go wrong (the Tripod chasing you, then shooting the explosives once you and the Tripod get dragged out into Space). Now I need to wait until I have half a day to attempt the next slog. I’ll probably save at chapter 9 or 10, then just before the drill ride of chapter 12. Chapter 12 is very short so in theory I’d only have to complete chapters 13 and 14 again if I died during chapter 15.

      • I remember dying a lot in the final couple of chapters on my first playthrough so I was trying to hold on to my saves for that final stretch heh.

      • Very true…..although this time, I have the Force Gun! Yay!

  4. PANIC!!!!!
    Seriously I am worrying now *whimpers* I really want to play some online including Portal 2 and Brink this week, aw gawd Brink this week!!!!
    Also I’m away to Download Festival aswell, and if the PS3 is still down until end of May (IF) I won’t be online until after the gig and will have to catch up alot of games with Red Faction, Dirt, MX vs ATV, Duke Nukem, Infamous 2….. so many games =( Also got Infamous 2 Beta, been itching to play it lol.
    One final thing about GT5 Birthday cars, it’s my birthday this month and hoping to get my GT5 Birthday car =(

    • hello mate hope all is well.

      • There’s no hope ski, we are doom, DOOM I tell ye….. I miss online, I miss meets, I miss da_buckethead with his questions on whether the game is good or stuck in the campaign…. I miss my text chat *sobs*

      • feel your pain mate hope to see you on PSN this week fingers crossed.

    • When i missed my birthday car on GT5 i didnt get an option when i started the game on another day, you need to do it the day your birthday is, what day is your birthday mate?

  5. It hasn’t effected me too much as a don’t play online (I’m a bit shit) however I can feel the frustration for other guys. I’d rather they got it completely right before they relaunch PSN, so if that means end of May that’s fine by me.

  6. Certainly doubt this.. But hey, I’m still sat here with no exact date so who knows.. Previous due dates having come and gone. Don’t know how much more single player I can take….

  7. I’d really like to get my bspec drivers back for gt5 since I had them all shared when this kicked off!

    • Luckily I took two drivers off the online list just before it went down.

  8. Just wait for the barrage of ill-informed angry replies…

  9. It’s a sad world that we live in that people can no longer live without the internet, Single play campeigns haven’t been so prominent since 2006!

  10. I’l survive. LA Noire is just around the corner.

    • im glad i will have brink in couple days so i dnt need online just yet..

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