Rayman Origins Getting Retail Release

Remember Rayman Origins? We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, as the game was announced an age ago before doing a bit of a vanishing act. Originally penned as an XBLA/PSN title, Game Informer has reported that the game has now made the jump to a full retail release.

Also mentioned over on NeoGAF is that the game will feature four player offline co-op. We would be surprised if this didn’t make the jump to the 3DS, too, as Nintendo and Ubisoft are the best of friends (probably).

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Pitty..now I will probably not buy it. Too many other big games releasing.

  2. If it’s a throwback to the old Rayman games, even the 3D ones, I think it will be good. But the PSone 2D game was awesome if not extremely hard so I hope it’s a New Super Marion Bros esc adventure.

  3. I just want Rayman 4…

  4. He’s armless! Brilliant pun on this one chaps.

  5. Cool lol.

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