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Rayman Origins Sequel Could Be on the Way

Whilst Rayman Origins didn’t sell very well in the first month or so, sales definitely seemed to pick up after Christmas, when the priced dropped down and people had a little bit more cash to spare.

In fact, I said that I would be surprised to see another Origins game after what I could only describe as a ‘harsh blow’. That wasn’t the case, according to Ubisoft, however, who confirmed that this 2D venture back to Rayman’s roots made a profit.

According to Kotaku, there’s a sequel in the pipeline, leaked through a survey conducted by Arkenford, who regularly work with Ubisoft. The sequel will apparently keep everything that made the first game so good: a lengthy campaign with varied levels – now with a more mythological flavour including ghosts, dragons amongst other mythical creatures – and the brilliantly fun four player co-op mode.

This survey doesn’t confirm the sequel of course; someone with decent photo editing skills could just be pulling our leg, or, more likely, it could just be a survey to test the waters for a sequel, with no full confirmation until Ubisoft get the response they want.

Well, if you’re listening, Ubi: please make this sequel, we’ll all buy it this time. I promise.


  1. Loved the game and would welcome a second with my cash :P

    • Ditto, a wonderful game. I only really took to it on the Vita though, so hopefully the remake will head the portable’s way as well.

      • same here. Only played it on the Vita too, was perfect for a handheld.

      • I palyed the Vita demo and will be getting the full version when I’ve completed Uncharted:GA. It’s a really enjoyable game.

  2. Have the ps3 version so am loathe to buy again for Vita… but i could pick up the sequel … tempted just for the critter on stilts! :D

  3. I’d give the game glowing praise on any survey, it was a real breath of fresh air on the PS3, and would love to see a sequel developed ;)

    • Agreed. Best platformer I’ve played in a long time.

      • Absolutely, I went off platformers some years ago, the last one I enjoyed prior to this was probably the SNES mario game with the cape for flying (can’t remember which it was). Rayman was just special in every way and recaptured something its competitors lost sight of for me.

  4. Hang on if they’re making a sequel then what happens to Rayman, 2 and 3?

  5. I’ll buy it day one!

  6. This would be a definite purchase for me. First is a fantastic platformer.

  7. I hope they do bring it out. Funniest game ever and it was a great joy to get through the game!

  8. I just cried a single tear of joy. This would be a day one purchase for me, just like the initial Rayman Origins. No doubt about it. One of the most brilliant platformers I’ve ever played.
    I’m really glad they were able to turn a profit on this. It was well deserved.

  9. I’m nowhere near finishing the first one, but I feel nothing but love for it. I will definately put in a preorder for part 2 as soon as it’s available!

  10. I admire their optimism but I really don’t think there is any point them chucking time and money at this one.
    The platform genre (outside of Nintendo consoles and handhelds) is basically dead, hence why Origins sold as poorly as it did. Don’t get me wrong, with the exception of Super Mario World, Origins is the best platformer on the market but there just isn’t the demand for games like this anymore.

    • They made a profit (thanks to the Vita version I asume) but now people know about the game and if they find a smarter release windows for the sequel (not in November with UC3 and Skyrim) they could do really well.
      Platformers are far from dead. It’s a genre that’s overlooked these days because game studios think gamers only want new shooters when it’s actually the other way around.

      • Sorry I should have been clearer, it’s obvious actual gamers (i.e. people who read around on sites like this) are sick of the crap on the market at the moment and are looking for something new and decent, but we are still a very small portion of the gaming market.

        The majority of people who play games will walk straight past excellent games like Bayonetta, Shadows of the Damned, Mirror’s Edge, Vanquish and Rayman Origins and focus instead on samey shooters and even samey-er (new word) sports games.

        Sure Ubi eventually made some sales, good on them, but only when they sliced the price from £40 (a perfectly acceptable price tag given the game’s quality and length) to about £15, whereas other “popular” games can charge £40-45 for their games, which only last about 6 hours.

        Going back to my original point, there isn’t a lot of money to be made in the platforming genre these days.

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