Rayman Origins Sequel Could Be on the Way

Whilst Rayman Origins didn’t sell very well in the first month or so, sales definitely seemed to pick up after Christmas, when the priced dropped down and people had a little bit more cash to spare.

In fact, I said that I would be surprised to see another Origins game after what I could only describe as a ‘harsh blow’. That wasn’t the case, according to Ubisoft, however, who confirmed that this 2D venture back to Rayman’s roots made a profit.

According to Kotaku, there’s a sequel in the pipeline, leaked through a survey conducted by Arkenford, who regularly work with Ubisoft. The sequel will apparently keep everything that made the first game so good: a lengthy campaign with varied levels – now with a more mythological flavour including ghosts, dragons amongst other mythical creatures – and the brilliantly fun four player co-op mode.

This survey doesn’t confirm the sequel of course; someone with decent photo editing skills could just be pulling our leg, or, more likely, it could just be a survey to test the waters for a sequel, with no full confirmation until Ubisoft get the response they want.

Well, if you’re listening, Ubi: please make this sequel, we’ll all buy it this time. I promise.


  1. I must get this for the ps3….MUST

  2. Playing through the first at the moment. It really is the most original 2d platformer in a while. Also looks great in 3D

  3. I should get Rayman Origins at some point. I’m glad that despite it’s disappointing sales(from an excutive’s point of view) it may get a sequel unlike another unique game that has been left to rot in favor for a generic FPS.

    I believe Origins is more suited to portable plaforming due to the pick up and play nature of it. Imo. They made the mistake of releasing it near the major FPSes, Skyrim, AC:R,SR3 and thus twas overlooked untill the deadish period after christmas.

    • I’d imagine that it is brilliantly suited to the portable platform, but I played it through on PS3 and it was superb. Basically it ticks all the boxes and is a great all-rounder on any platform.

  4. Fantastic game. A follow up would be wonderful.

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