Rayman Origins Sells Just 50,000 Copies

Rayman Origins is an excellent game. In fact, it’s one of the best games we’ve seen this year – and there’s a lot of contenders. And whilst games like Call of Duty sells millions in a matter of days, Rayman has sold just 50,000 copies across all three platforms since its release four weeks ago – in the US at least.

Origins didn’t even reach the Top 40 chart here in the UK in release week.


So, what’s the reason for the poor sales? Could it be the crowded November release window pushing sales elsewhere, the lack of advertising, or just that disc-based 2D platformers have gone well and truly out of style?

It’s not easy to judge that, but there’s little reason to expect another Rayman game like Origins – at least not a retail game – after this harsh blow.

We reviewed Rayman Origins and thought extremely highly of it – giving it a 9/10, describing it as “ultimately a step forward from the genre” and saying that it “puts Sonic in his place”. However, Sonic did much better, managing to chart in the top 10 in the UK chart.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I want to get the game but the price for it is just way to high.

    I got prices from play.com
    PS3 £39.99, RRP £49.99
    XBox360 £39.49, RRP £49.99
    Wii £34.99, RRP £39.99

    This is not full price title. For PS3 I would be look at bellow £20.

    • Our local Tesco had it in for £22 the other day on PS3, but that’s just local pricing and not nationwide.

    • It is absolutely a full price title. Also it’s dropped substantially now.

      • I know, but I looked at it as a 2D platformer and just assumed it was a PSN game. I just don’t think people see 2D games as worth full price any more no matter how damn awesome they are

  2. Disappointing but not at all surprising. Brutal release window, too expensive for many and personally, I simply can’t afford it however much I want it.

    • With you on this one, fella. The release window is ball-rupturingly nasty this time of the year. It’s not just going up against the giants of the season but also the wonderful other games that are already working hard to squeeze in the maximum Return On Investment (ROI) between the likes of Uncharted 3, BF3, MW3, etc.

  3. It will reach high on Christmas for kids…. no that’s MW3 for kids (-_-)
    I do feel bad I always buy Day 1 purchase, but I wouldn’t have the time to play due to other releases and such. Rayman is already on my Christmas list!
    Skyrim was the popular choice for long term gaming, there’s MW3 and BF3 Multiplayer also Assassin’s Creed aswell! too many games in November releases.

  4. Lack of advertising. Expensive and dont really know what kinda game it is.

  5. To be honest there was no hype, I was only aware of it when this site posted the review up.
    I will probablygive it ago when it hits the bargain bins, pretty sure its going for £20 odd on Tescos site.

  6. nope from the day i started gaming i have just hated Rayman :P

  7. I might get it for Vita.
    Although, I have to say that the Rayman games never really competed with the likes of Sonic, Mario or even Sackboy in my mind.

    • The Rayman Rabbids games were utter shite IMO, but Rayman Origins is a world away from that crap. Sonic and Sackboy would love to be this good….Yup, seriously!!

    • I would probably get it for Vita if anything, but it shoulda just been a cheaper downloadable game.

      • This game puts so many full price games to shame, it’s not even funny. The production value of this game is above quite a few AAA games.
        Sega can only dream of releasing a title of that quality these days. Rayman is definitely up there with the gods of 2D jump and run and he can hold his head high because there a few who can compete on the same level.
        Well, that’s my opinion. :)

      • HEY! Rabbids Go Home was an excellent game. It is really quite reminiscent of the style and flair that Rayman Origins had (maybe Ubisoft Montpellier made both?), and is quite an original 3D platforming game :3.

  8. This is very sad. It just shows that no matter how brilliant a game is, it will never get the attention of a generic shooter with a competitive multiplayer mode.
    I’d have paid 100£ if I had to. I really hope Ubisoft develops another Rayman Origins.
    Dead Space 1 didn’t fare too well either but gamers and critics loved it.
    Please Ubi, don’t give up!

    • Very sad indeed. I was very happy to see that someone tried & succeeded to get the classic 2D platformer in all it’s glory to 2011/2012. Now this will prolly be the last time. I didn’t get it myself (too much other good games), but I’m planning to.

      Still hoping for the same treatment for, let’s say, Streets of Rage 4.

  9. Only reason I haven’t bought it yet is because the gf has given me a shopping ban since christmas is coming up. If Rayman isn’t under the tree, then I’ll buy it on the 26th.

  10. The only Platformer I’ve ever really enjoyed is Outland and that’s more due to the art style. This game really isn’t for me.

    • I absolutely loved Outland for the same reasons – stunning graphics and tight controls. It wasn’t even originally on my radar until I played the demo. It’s definitely one of my favourite games of the year.

      • Agreed. Outland is great even though 2D platformers aren’t really my thing.

        I just got a couple of weeks ago on sale, it’s just about the only thing that can distract me from Skyrim.

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