A New Bond Game Coming This Year

During the Activision “we’re rich” ceremony, AKA its Q1 2011 financial call, it was revealed that a new James Bond game will be hitting shelves some time this year.

Activision Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, had the following to say:


“For the balance of the year, we plan to launch games based on the best-selling X-Men and Spider-Man franchises, James Bond and the toy phenomenon Bakugan as well as the latest release in the long-standing Cabela’s Hunting franchise, which we’re expanding this year to include new peripherals and an incredible Kinect experience.”

The last Bond game, Blood Stone, received mixed reactions and a Metacritic score of 62.

Source: VG247



  1. Enjoyed Blood Stone even though it was very basic. Actually, that’s probably /why/ I liked it. :S

    • Some great set pieces in Bloodstone. Especially like the river level. Hopefully the new one will be built on the same engine used by Bizarre.

      • Me too, I like these games. I thought the visuals at certain points were absolutely stunning as well.

  2. I wish they would stop churning out poor bond games. I enjoyed the single player of Bloodstone but it wasnt great. I sunk a few hours into the mulitplayer but overall it was Pants. Every single game turned into base camping.
    Thing is, as im a big Bond fan, I cant ignore a Bond game. Bastards

    • Agreed. Even the Goldeneye re-release on Wii was a bit disappointing

      • I loved the remake! Obviously not as good as the original Goldeneye but it’s better than and Call of Duty game.

  3. are they going to turn every ip they have the rights to into an annual release?

    • It’s James Bond, I wish there was a film or game out every year.

    • you mean unlike they have been for the last few years?

  4. I really enjoyed blood stone but bizarre who developed it were shut down so wonder who they’re going to get to do it

  5. Great… more mediocre games and Bond isn’t cool, its one of those games that really annoys me to see on a pre-owned shelf.

    I can’t hope for a good Spiderman or X-Men game anymore…. its been so long. Spider-Man 2 was brilliant and X-Men Legends was a great game. The next games haven’t been so good, releasing them yearly as really damaged them but Beenox seem to done great but they’ve never interested me :(

    • Spiderman Web Of Shadows and Shattered Dimensions were good and X-Men Origins: Wolverine was also damn enjoyable

      Nothing to trouble the 90%+ ratings but all good in their own right

  6. getting ready for the We’re rich ceremony – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOt62cT2teY

  7. I find Bond games shoot themselves in the foot when they include a driving section. They always seem to be the most unrealistic, horribly boxy simulations ever. Given that car chases are some of the more prominent scenes in Bond films it’s something they really should get sorted.

    I remember watching a video for Bloodstone where they said they were putting loads of effort into the driving. I then saw another video of the final version and it looked like a bag of crap. I mean I’ve not played it myself so maybe I’m wrong but from that video it looked God-awful.

    • The driving wasn’t that bar actually … I thought the game overall was pretty decent although the driving wasn’t brilliant it wasn’t the worst part of the game which was the stupid shooting down of missiles.

    • well i’ve played it, and the driving sections were easily the weakest parts of the game, that was actually quite shocking considering the game from bizarre creations, the guys behind the project gotham series.

      • I was about to say that. shocking, especially considering the dev.

  8. Loved Quantum Of Solace, hated Blood Stone

    I hear Raven Software (Wolfenstein 2009) are developing the new Bond, quite liked that game and probably a much better suited studio for FPS than Bizarre… Shame it’s not Treyarch like QoS but they’ve obviously got their hands full

    • Raven who did Singularity? Want.

      • Yes, forgot about that, which is odd – as I love it.
        Was hoping for a Singularity 2 to be hinted at during the earnings call… Maybe E3 (although as all studios have had to pitch in to help IW with CoD maybe other projects have stayed on the drawing board a bit longer than usual)

    • Me too mate QOS is so much better than Bloodstone, Bloodstone seems so rushed and i hate the third person.
      i stuck it out for a bit and made it to about 190 in leaderboard but havent played it sinse im now about 500. lol

  9. My favourite bond so far has to be Everything or Nothing, loved the story and the gameplay, would love to see something similar for the next bond game

  10. Maybe this one will be based around Lady Gaga.

    On second thoughts, hope not.

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