Crysis 2 ‘Retaliation Map Pack’ On The Way

EA has confirmed with VG247 that the ‘Retaliation Map Pack’ is on the way for Crysis 2. It will feature four new maps: Park Avenue, Transit, Shipyard, and Compound.

You can check out the trailer here.

Source: VG247



  1. Sorry for having to link the trailer, I’m having an epic tech fail today.

    • Fixed.

    • personally i’m more disappointed in the lack of a pun.
      it’s like i don’t know this site any more. Q_Q

      anyway, i probably wont be playing crysis any time soon unless my brother gets it from lovefilm and lends me it, that’s where most of my gamerscore comes from.

      i would like to try it to see what all the fuss is about though.

  2. I loved this online for a bit, but got really bored suddenly, not sure why. Looks like some cool new maps, I wonder if people will buy them.

    • Me too, loved it and then i just haven’t gone back which is a shame because it’s ace (and hard at times!).

  3. You’re running of of Crysis puns…so there’s a pun crysis.

  4. Havent gone back to this yet. got into ME2. have not tried the multiplayer. Should have really.

  5. Wish there was more than just 4 maps, some added single player content would have been nice

    • I expected some MP content maybe :S

  6. Map pack already? I for one am getting sick of having to buy map packs etc. after spending £40 on the game new not long ago (thinking about CoD games etc. with this statement also).

    The reason I say “having to buy” is that in order to get the full experience and play with everyone else who have these maps you do indeed have to cough up.

    • Theres no need to spend full price on games these days. Theres always fantastic deals on the internet as well as psn cards lower than face value. So when u work it out u can get the game and its dlc’s for 40 odd quid.

      • Yes, but this article is about Crysis 2, which has only been out a few weeks and is still at the £35-40 mark. My other example is CoD which maintain a high price for quite some time.

        My point is that I wish you could still drop £40 on a game and know that you had the full experience for that price.

        I think I’m gonna go back to retro game collecting (Dreamcast/Saturn) again soon if the DLC situation keeps going the direction it’s going.

        The article about the micro transaction version of CoD springs to mind, however over here it seems like they charge us for a full game AND try to get us to do micro transactions. It really does make me nostalgic for the SNES/Megadrive/PS1/N64/Saturn days.

    • also some games, GOTY’s usually are re-released with all the DLC for less then £40 as an example last year october time i picked up assassins creed 2 up with all the extra content for about £15.

  7. Have never bought any map packs for an fps before but these look great and I love crysis online even though its very hard at times.

    Also just noticed the date the pack is been released 17th of may, lets hope the PSN is back up and running by that date!

  8. Poor mans halo. Stick to my KILLZONE thanks. CRYSIS traded.

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