3DS eShop And Browser Land On June 7th

Looks like the rumours were falseAndriaSang has posted news from Japan that contradict earlier reports regarding the Nintendo 3DS firmware update, the eShop and the lack of a browser in the bulletpoints.

They’re all coming June 7th, just as E3 starts.


And whilst this is a week later than previously stated (“end of May” was what we were told by Nintendo) it does make sense to launch the new update alongside E3, presumably during or around Nintendo’s press conference for maximum exposure.

We’ve still no details on what games will be included day one with the update (or, indeed, whether this update date extends to Europe) but at least we know the browser will be available.

Roll on E3.

UPDATE: Nintendo Europe has confirmed a 7th June release over here.



  1. I was expecting May, not June… now the 3DS will be incomplete for seven extra days.

    Not happy at all

  2. It’s a bit sad that I’m so excited about this when I only want to download old Game Boy games :(

    Hopefully they will give us a couple of surprises seens as though we haven’t been given a release list or is that wishful thinking!?

  3. Makes sense i guess, Nintendo can officially detail the firmware during their E3 keynote and drop the update over the air at the samepoint. Im looking forward to this update, I hope we get ExciteBike 3D day 1 in europe, i loved that game on the NES back in the day :)

  4. Only a week or so delay, but still disappointing. Perhaps they’re timing it with their E3 conference, more or less? Hopefully you’ll have a choice of one of the 3D classics range as a free gift, rather than just Excitebike.

  5. Yay, it’s here in Europe on the 7th too. Like I didn’t have enough ways to waste time surfing the web already. :-)

  6. Man I love these big gaming events. Love the build up too.

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