Sony Japan Updates Users On PSN, Says Nothing New

We used to sing a song as kids. “Why are we waaaaaiting?” it went, along with various other poorly rhymed lines.

It’s getting ever more relevant now, especially as there’s precious little correspondence coming back from Sony regarding timescales or even word on the so-called “Welcome Back” pack.


Sony Japan have just issued one such statement, though, although it doesn’t say anything particularly new other than they’re still working on it, and they’re still very sorry.

They’re still working on the final stages of the new security systems and they’re hoping to get the service up and running as soon as possible, says a translation.

They’re also trying to make Jelly Babies out of cardboard, say we.

However, Sony Japan have repeated that the roll-out of the PSN, once finalised, will be regional, so expect Japan first and Europe after that, once they’ve pushed out the required firmware update to everyone in stages.

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  1. Boo and indeed Hiss. I appreciate the size of the task in hand. However they are now extracting the urine with the complete and utter lack of information. They must know as a percentage how close they are to offering an online service. I’m not arsed about a pack or even the store. Just let me play online.

  2. I wonder if that statement is more appropriate for the Japanese. I mean here in the West we tend to throw our dummy out of the pram at the slightest thing when its not going our way.

    • case closed see comment below…

      • Well spotted. Some people really have a short fuse. It’s now not too dissimilar to a popular game release where the dev/publisher needs to decide whether to delay and make the game as good as it can be, or release it and hope for the best. The difference is that if the PSN is hacked again it would be f’n terminal.

      • So because I’m not a naive sucker, who doesn’t expect good customer service, I’m “dummy throwing”?

        K, cool story bro, you really should become a industry analyst, because that’s a really sharp observation, GJ sir.

        I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna sit quietly anymore and wait for Sony to treat their customers properly. It’s great if you don’t care or just like getting it from a sony exex with a strap-on, but don’t act like a superior person, because you don’t care, that’s just arrogant.

      • HAhah, well put Winkle, case is indeed closed :)

      • It’s now not too dissimilar to a popular game release where the dev/publisher needs to decide whether to delay and make the game as good as it can be, or release it and hope for the best.

        Duke Nukem Forever just popped into my mind. The waiting sure didn’t do the franchise any good during times when noone knew how long it was going to take until the game was ready to be released.

    • I’m not dummy throwing. I fail to see why the online play side of things is still not up. They can keep working on the store and all the weakness’s, as far as I was aware the actual gaming PSN wasn’t compromised. The store is a leaky bucket. Just don’t switch on the cash side of things.

      • sorry it wasnt meant for you Kitch it was meant for Erroneus

      • No worries. People are just so frustrated. If they explained that yes/no we can/can’t let you play online.

  3. We’ve passed three weeks now –

    I’ve lost my goodwill for Sony. I was all about making sure it’s secure and safe again, but this is getting ridiculous. I’m going to focus more on gaming on my PC, 3DS and 360 now, they’ve lost my support.

    • good link, lol

    • Would you rather they brought it back now, while they’re not sure if its fully secure, and it ended up getting hacked again?

      If you already have a 360, PC & 3DS then you’ve other options to keep you occupied until they bring PSN back. I went out and got a 360 at the weekend but as soon as PSN is back I’ll be back gaming on the PS3 again.

      Until then, there’s no point complaining as its not going to change anything. Securing a network is hardly an easy task so I’d rather they took their time & made sure it was secure before they bring it back.

      I know people just want a date, but if they say it’ll be back on Friday but something happens and they have to delay it again, there’ll just be even more complaints.

      • I actually agree about preferring the network to be fully stable & safe(r) when they restore it, but in that same token, why not just give a realistic date to work to instead of giving us this ‘couple of days’ crap that they have been spouting. I am not amazingly bothered by the downtime (although it would be nice to catch up with some friends & play online), but what i am bothered by is being lied to.

        I honestly feel that they could have avoided a lot of tension & backbiting if they had just said “it’ll be down til the end of the month” or something. Sure, people would be annoyed at first, but they would get over it & then if they managed to bring network features back before that date, people would be overjoyed!

        I honestly don’t know why sony are so bad at creating postive spin.

      • Well spot on jcor, I agree with safer and better security. I’m not complaining, just a worrier with the bank details and stuff. I want to remove it and change my Password.
        But I can understand the frustration of gamers being off work/school through easter when this went down though.

      • I can understand the frustration as well, sure that’s why I went out and got a 360. I know others either wouldn’t have the money to do that, or probably couldn’t be bothered getting another console. But as I said, complaining about the situation isn’t going to bring it back.

        They have been awful with the updates, and I’d rather a proper date as well, but I’d imagine the reason they don’t want to give a firm date yet is because if they do and something else delays it, there’ll be even more complaints than there are now.

        I’m not too bothered about my credit card to be honest, as far as I know any unauthorised payments will be refunded. I’m more worried identity theft due to my address, date of birth etc. being stolen, but they’ve said they’ll be offering us all some sort of protection for that.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy about the whole situation, I just think there’s no point getting angry about it as what’s happened has happened. There’s nothing we can do about it now.

      • I support Forrest here.

    • haha, that link is great. You think Microsoft own it?

  4. I say it will be on this weekend next week the latest

    • next week the latest, “we are working around the clock, psn live in next few days.”

      • That is why i said this weekend and next week the latest

    • it was a play on words, nevermind.

    • That is why i said this weekend and next week the latest we are working around the clock, psn live in next few days.

  5. We’re working on it, is a given – isn’t it?

    Fully understand them not wanting to be bound by a date after a discovery made them miss their last vague date

    It’s a shame that the months free PS+ has been taken up by the downtime turning it from a reasonable goodwill gesture into something they actually owe us subscribers. Wonder if the extended nature of the downtime will allow them to add the month on to the length of time it has been down (unless they’re doing that & misread it)

    • I think it’s a month plus all the downtime. I could be wrong though.

    • I agree the extra month means sod all now, I want two months added to my subscription for this, one for the missing month and one for goodwill.

      I understand I sound a bit rude for demanding this, but it is really begining to annoy me that the updates on this are so poor.

    • You’ve misread, they have already said they will give existing PS+ subs a month plus a day extra for every day the PSN is down.

      They might be saying the same thing, but it’s rock and a hard place… people complained that they weren’t getting communication so now they are communicating even though they have nothing left to say. I see it as further apology and a “we haven’t forgotten you, SERIOUSLY!” desperate plea.

      • In the meantime £1600 has been taken out of my account and I have had to cancel all my cards, because Sony Europe are so fecking slow giving us our protection that the US got. Cheers Sony you bunch of half twits.

      • Really? Because that’s honestly the very first time I’ve heard someone say they’ve actually had money taken in relation to this.

      • Chances are the missing money is unrelated Bilbo; over 77 million users, you can count on at least some of them suffering credit card fraud anyway, just through the laws of averages.

      • never had this before people, and suddently it happens right after the attack? Way to much of a conincidence. I already have the money back in the account, but it has to be linked. I’m on a joint account and it was my card details used on internet transactions, it has to be.

      • Sounds like you have gone for 2 + 2 = 5 there. I can understand the pain and anger of having money taken, but I reckon if more users from Sony had money taken the internet would be a blaze with stories on it.

      • Bilbo: Sucks to be a victim and I understand your anger but as others have said 2+2 /= 5. Let me quote something from another (Australian) forum I frequent:

        “The bank manager i spoke to about my credit card, heard about the sony hack but said no fraud cases have been reported. I cancelled my cards and got them reissued anyway, it arrived two days later.”


        “I had activity on my card, but the guy i spoke with said its similar to stuff thats been happening for longer than the PSN outage”

        The point is you’re unfortunate circumstance is probably NOT related to the PSN hack. What we know is that the CC details were encrypted and that CVV2 wasn’t stored. It seems highly unlikely CC details have/will be compromised due to the PSN hack.

      • @Bilbo, that sucks, but glad to hear you got it resolved.

  6. This new security stuff better be pretty frickin awesome! Seems ages ago that the PSN went ‘poof’. Kinda forgetting what its like to play online now :/

    • Yeah, I miss the “so and so” is now online :(

    • Yes apparently if you have a move controller you can sign in with that by using your signature like a you would with a pen*


    • yeah there were like killstreaks and lag and shit

  7. They had ruddy well better be. However I’m starting to wonder why they can’t turn it back on but delete our names and addresses, do they really need to know the consistency of your last bowel movement before you can play a video game?

  8. I need PSN. They’ve had around 504 hours to fix it!

    Hurry up. They already took our details so put us on a backup server or something.

  9. I think Brink’s sales will be the first PS3 game to be hit by the PSN downtime, and perhaps L.A. Noire to benefit (especially if PSN is not back up by then) due to their respective online elements. People who own a PS3 and Xbox may buy the Xbox version which won’t affect sales, but some PS3 owners may give it a miss (the ones who were going to make a spontaneous purchase).

    Although I’m still getting both! :)

    • yeah i’m missing out on brink right now and looking at LA noir. got a good 20 quid on a GAME trade in card as well so it seems like a good time to get buying!

  10. Friends.
    It is always darkest before the dawn.
    A few more days!!

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