Brink Updated, Free DLC Coming

Unfortunately the lag problems with Brink are still ongoing. Bethesda has posted the following on its blog regarding the issue:

“We have been working on updates for Brink to address the lag issue that some people have reported they were experiencing.

In the meantime, we have made a configuration change for 360 users (which will be available to the PS3, once PSN is up) that alters the number of human players when matchmaking for “Campaign” and most ‘Freeplay’ modes to eight total human players. This new configuration will allow those connecting to and hosting matches (particularly those with lower upstream bandwidth) to more reliably find and connect to quality hosts via the match-making process – resulting in less lag and more fun.  This change is being rolled out today and will be available worldwide.

For players who haven’t been experienced lag, we’ll still support 8v8 on all maps via a new ‘Big Teams’ configuration in Freeplay, and through custom settings in Private matches. There is no download required for this update and it will be available automatically the next time you log in to play Brink and launch either campaign or standard Freeplay matches. This should allow players new to the Ark as well as veterans to find quality matches suitable to their preferred play style.”

For supporting Brink players will be getting the first batch of DLC for free. Due in June, it will contain new maps and content.

Source: Bethesda





  1. Honestly, what is it with releasing games that need to be patched to play without issues, its becoming a joke!

    • Patches and DLC… two jokes at us gamers’ expense… Sigh…

      • The DLC in this case, though, is a) free and b) not frivolous skins and hats, but maps. That’s DLC that I can get behind. Likewise, I can get behind paid DLC a couple months down the line.

    • Yeah it is sad that they don’t finish their games i would rather wait a bit longer than have a game that has a boat load of problems sometimes problems that you can’t even play the game

  2. Interesting solution, there…
    Hope they can sort out the lag soon, I don’t know how it can possibly be so bad and have got through the beta they had a few months back without being logged and later on fixed.

    Ah well, not like I can play it online anyway with PSN down!

    • I agree entirely about DLC. Free stuff and things 2-3 months down the line (Castlevania LOS being a very good example) is the type of DLC I can get behind. Taking the water with day 1 DLC and stuff blatantly already on the disk, now thats not on.

      Been playing this online with my kid brother, it’s fun but the friendly AI is far to dum making certain missions virtually impossible with only 2 human players. Enemy AI is brutal.

  3. Gave the game a shot and rented a copy today… I found it a dreadful game overall :(

    • i just recieved my copy an put in around 3hrs.. an i have to say that its really good .. its little hard at first but once you start to get abilities an gun attachment it really brings the game to life.. cant wwait for psn to get back up…

  4. Patching already, well at least it is getting sorted.

  5. Missed the delivery of my copy of Brink, it’s arriving Monday. At least it’ll all be sorted by the time the PSN network is up and running (fingers crossed).

  6. Got this yesterday from LoveFilm (my first ever release day game from them) Love it, it’s good even playing against bots… the AI is excellent, this will obviously be magnified in seamless co-op multiplayer. Think I’m going to buy it and post it back.

    *taps fingers impatiently waiting for the PSN*

    • The AI is excellent?? This game has some of the worst AI I have every experienced in my gaming career.

  7. I’m waiting for the PSN to come back before I get this, seems a bit pointless at the moment.

    • i dnt think you should wait… as you can carry your player over to online. so if you wait to go straight online you will prob get owend by tje people higher up an know the maps already… (me :) )

  8. So they haven’t got dedicated servers…

    *Interest in buying it falling*

  9. I completed the Security Campaign yesterday, will start the Security one tonight. I’ve also done a few of the challenges. Can’t wait for PSN to be back up, MP will be amazing judging by what the rest of the game is like.

  10. Bloody loving it,had no lag today but the campaign versus wasn’t lagging for me anyway just the freeplay which i’ve steered clear of since,will venture back.

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