Deus Ex Site Hacked

A report by the site ‘KrebsOnSecurity’ is claiming that for several hours on Thursday morning the Deus Ex Web site, user forum, and were unreachable due to hacking. All that was displayed was the banner above.


In chatter obtained by the security firm the hackers claim to have information on at least 80,000 Deus Ex users, as well as 9000 resumes from Eidos.

It seems nothing is safe. In unrelated news, you have all won a special prize; please send us your bank account details so that we may verify your identity. This is not a scam*

*Totally a scam

Source: KrebsOnSecurity



  1. Pricks – even muggers have more front than hackers, hiding behind their monitors. Lowest of the low.

    Go get jobs since you actually have some IT skills.

  2. Is vomit more appealing than hackers?

  3. And it took 6 people to hack and put that shit 1-line up there. Wow, their parents must be proud.

  4. I like how they all have superhero style nicknames to make them seem cooler :)

  5. Hackers – The internet’s equivalent to getting home & finding that you have trodden in sh*t.

    It was some other disrespectful bugger that deliberately left it on the floor, but being more vigilant about where you were walking possibly may have helped. You don’t notice it until it’s too late & by that time its spread all over your house. It then takes you somewhere around 4 weeks (possibly more) to clean up the mess that wasn’t really your fault & all the while the other members of the house are very irritated that they cannot use its facilities.

    I hate hackers.

    • Agreed, couldn’t add anything to this

    • This kind of happened to a friend of mine.

      Was on holiday in some scummy town, got back to hotel, and two girls asked if they could use his toilet since they were lost. He said yes (since they were cute!). He fell asleep/into a drunken coma and woke up, walked barefoot across the room and slipped and a smelly brown package one of the girls had left behind for him.

      • Is that true? Those girls are brilliantly filthy!!

  6. loving the tag line ;)

    but seriously if your going to hack a site you may as well leave a massive banner that just says “i’m a complete dick”

  7. What was their point? Surely there are other sites out there that are more profitable to hack…

  8. You know….. after reading a banner like that I would be so pissed off. Its very immature a huge headache

  9. What a wast of their skills, there must be better things they could be doing.

  10. Now what, they want recognition for their ‘insane hacking skillz’? Looks like it’s some kind of game for them and they don’t even realize how much damage they cause by such stupid actions. I hope they’ll get a good wake-up call by some police officers very soon, and that one day when they’re grown up and created something, some spoiled brats ruin it for fun.

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