The Sun Mistakes Sarif Industries From Deus Ex As A Real Company


We all make mistakes now and then but a writer at The Sun may have liked to do just a teensy-weensy bit more research.


In a feature about future technology they show a picture of a cybernetic eyeball, clearly labelled with the name of the shady tech firm, Sarif Industries.

Most of you are probably aware that Sarif is a completely fictional creation from the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The website for Sarif is still live, you can access it here and at first glance it does look a corporate website but a few clicks should have given the game away, most tech firms don’t have hacked audio files with mad voices.

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  1. While of course not as dark and disgusting as hacking murdered schoolchildren’s phones this is, nevertheless, an example of just how shit the press in this country is.
    I mean, I don’t expect much from The Sun anyway but this is pretty ridiculous and shows that someone has just knocked this up in 10 minutes without any proper research.

    • At least we have a free press unlike a lot of other country’s, But yes it is a bit shit.

  2. Or is it a case that Sarif just want you to believe they are a fictional company from a computer game? The Sun could have unearthed a major cover up with their fantastic journalist skills…. Who knows what they will uncover next, Umbrella, Aperture Laboratories?

  3. Sun, because you have page 3 and have allowed many people to look at porn whilst on their tea break at work without being told off, i will be slightly less harsh on you. Not that i’ve ever done that. I’ve not as i flat out refuse to buy any newspaper.

    Anyway, they should have done their research but i suspect the rags follow one rule. If it’s a good story, fuck the research. Wonder if they will accuse GTA of corrupting their ability to do research?

  4. Excellent! I expect nothing less from the Sun. I can’t wait for their next article about how a guy built a massive underwater city.

    • Wait, Rapture’s not real!? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……. *heads explode due to him having booked a holiday there*

  5. also, in other news, the Wayland Yutani share prices have dipped in recent weeks.
    Omnicorp are just about to announce a new product in their Detroit expo.
    Doatec have their new line of female sportswear due for launch.
    and Acme have just shown of their new oversized novelty rockets and comedy falling safes.

    wow, i could write for the sun.
    though i may be overqualified. ^_^

    • I meant to reply here, see below.

  6. You’re half way there with the Acme bit, now just throw in a scoop of misogyny, a large dollop of racism and imagine your reading audience as the Gumbys from Monty Python. ;)

  7. If that’s what the inside of a newspaper looks like then I’m glad I don’t read it as it’s extremely poorly written and evidently equally as researched.

  8. I read the Sun and that page really doesn’t look like it’s from the paper.

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