Rumour: Developer PSN Working Again

Word around the web this morning is that developers are now able to use the PlayStation Network again. This info was rumored by a couple of places yesterday and now even more publications are claiming to have the same info. Apparently, developers were given an updated firmware version to load on to their units and now they’re good to go… sort of.

According to Giant Bomb, one of the features still not working is the account creation tool. This function is apparently necessary for development because developers need to be able to create a number of fake accounts for certain testing purposes.

We’re due for another update from Sony any day now so stay tuned for more info.

Source: Giant Bomb



  1. I hope that its soon…. ive so many trophies I want to show off!

  2. Looking like mon – mid week i reckon . Was hoping for today & to get some pes on the go.

    • Yeah hopefully mid week, though I’m hoping by some miracle it’ll be up tomorrow =)

    • & uc2, warhawk, cod & bfbc2/nam. Maybe even through some gta in, for good measure.
      One can dream…

      • lol I’ve got Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, Mortal Kombat, Hot Pursuit, Grand Theft Auto IV and Prince Of Persia: TTT to sync. Plus I still have my Classic Kostume Kodes and Online Pass to redeem for Mortal Kombat

  3. So even developers create fake accounts, eh? My moral fibre can rest easy, then.

    • Well they’re in the developer network so they don’t count in the overall picture of things. :)

  4. I’m not even bothered anymore. I’ve planned my next 3 months of gaming solely around single player experiences or local co-op thanks to the purchase of PS Move by my girlfriend [was a shock horror moment when I was like sh.. I didn’t really want it – butttt I did play with it and actually love it so I’ve gone Move crazy and bought games for it including Killzone 3 which I never thought I’d buy but I just wanted to experience the shooting with move as apparently it’s good and this is all still one bracket…].

    For the sake of it though, I hope it comes back soon so we can all just Move on :p

    • Lol glad you lovin the move man :)

      • heavy rain and resi 5 are also good

      • I didn’t like Resi 5 with move. Maybe need to give another try with the navi.

    • I’m liking the colourful controller to, it’s surprisingly good as a remote when watching films, and the Navi is possibly even better. I need to buy some games for it though, only have Flight Control and Pain. And blue toad ep 1, but that’s no good.

    • Got to move with the times.

  5. Great :-D

  6. Managing fine without it. I’d rather it come back when it’s 100% sorted than it get taken down again in a week or so because they’ve got problems.

  7. I don’t care about online gameplay, just get the store back online. There were some games I wanted to buy just when PSN went offline.

    • I find I am more keen for the store to come back than anything else as well!

  8. Just tried the dev machine. Doesn’t work without the firmware.

    • I’m looking forward to the new firmware as their is apparently new features:

      • I don’t necessarely care about new features at all now. I thought wow, their giving us essentially 2 free weeks of Plus, and now? Well they are actually just compensating us for what we’ve lost, a month. I just want online back now. Period

      • That’s great with the new features but I just hope that the X-game chat/video implementation is not what is holding up the new PSN going live as I don’t give a hoot about that new feature, although I do know that it’ll be a godsend for a lot of people, it’s meh! for me.

      • New features? Is this some vague rumour or is this concrete?

      • It’s a rumour, albeit a welcomed rumour :)

      • I just want PSN to come online so i can play some freaking Portal and Brink online!!!!

    • Yes, you need to install the new firmware.

  9. I must have around 200 trophies that need syncing with the system since PSN went down. Not only that, I just purchased Brink and though it’s a brilliant game, I’m not feeling much love for the AI.

    • I’m the same, I bought a few games to play for PSN being down [Killzone 3, BFBC2, OF:RedRiver,Portal 2, and SNIPER Ghost Warrior :( ]

  10. Im really looking forward to the return of the PSN, I just love it, and if they take a little longer to make it better then so be it. I’ve finished dragon age and am now playing through dragon age 2 so am in no rush to get back on Blops or any other online games.

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