PSN Goes Down For Maintenance Again

In what’s hopefully just a blip, it appears that for some, the PlayStation Network has gone back down for ‘maintenance’ again, with that message that we’ve all been used to seeing for weeks.

Earlier today the PSN stirred back into life, bolstered by a new firmware, and this evening here in the UK we were back in business, changing passwords and signing in online.


However, in the last half hour we’ve heard that many users are now getting messages that the PSN is down for maintenance, and are unable to sign in.

We’re assuming that, at this stage, this is all just a by-product of heavy traffic and everyone trying to reset and sign-in at the same time, and that in a short while it’ll iron itself out.

Sony’s Steve Reynolds has tweeted that he’s aware of the issue.  “There is a problem with PSN in the latest countries we rolled out to (except UK, IRE & ME),” he said minutes ago.

“We’re dealing with it.”



  1. I suspected this would happen…

  2. Mine is still online, signed in and 12 of my friends are also online!

    • I was just online, full friend list, but you won’t get an ingame connection. Your kina stuck in limbo:)

    • lucky there’s still nothing in australia

    • 12… strangely

  3. Had a feeling this could happen, the twitter account has hinted at the massive amount of traffic they have been experiencing with people signing on all at once.

  4. No problems here, might just be that I’m in Norway…? :S

    • In China and still not up yet :(

  5. I reckon the sudden surge of people accessing PSN at once as caused the PSN server to crash. I hope it has not been hacked again.

  6. I’d just finished patching too :(

  7. mines down first the email link wouldnt work then it did but stopped at the first page for entering letters in box then it stopped again now the ps3 is saying that the same as web page

    “playstationnetwork is currently undergoing blah blah…..”

    i just wanna be reset and play some frigging games ffs sony im working tomoz give us a biscuit then take it straight ack why dont ya

  8. Yup, the EU twitter have stated its due to traffic!/PLAYSTATIONEU

  9. Yep, I can’t sign back in. I’m in the West Midlands!

  10. Managed to get online, sync my trophies and upload my save data to PlayStation Network so I’m happy for now. I’m sure everything will be back online by tomorrow.

    • I must’ve synced about 60% worth of trophies.

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