PSN Now Live In The UK

Just a quick post to let you know it appears that the promised PSN functionality is now live in the UK. I have checked it out, updated my password and all seems well.

Enjoy! Those in other parts of Europe; is PSN live for you?



  1. Woop Woop!

    • From Sony @facebook 20 minutes ago:
      Sony PlayStation
      We just restored some PlayStation Network services for all of Europe, New Zealand and Australia

  2. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit, but any clue as to when the welcome back thing will come? Need a reason to go back on and update from 6 months ago

    • When the store is back up – so at the end of May

  3. Not live for me in Norway, bleh!

    • Booooo shame hope its back soon so you can join me online/

      • Yeah mate, that would be sweet…

        Surely we other europeans will get some love fairly soon?

      • BOOOO!*throws rotten fruit at SCEE* I want to play some games with Bod and aqua.:(

    • Same in Holland :/

    • not live in sweden either… *sadface*

    • Hopefully we get it back by tomorrow… I’ve waited a month, I can wait a day more.

    • Norway is live now

  4. I’m in!

  5. HURRAY! :D

  6. It’ll be nice to put this whole episode in the past.

  7. I’m back on. Changed password and signed in. UK based

    • Same here

      • same here guys but the ps3 i have now isnt the same one i created the account on. but i still only had to change my password and not go through the whole email thing

  8. :D x1000!!!

    Whoop whoop whoop

  9. Denmark is still offline :/

  10. Just logged online time to get my Uncharted 2 on.

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