Microsoft Readies Ten New Kinect Titles For E3

Moles speaking to Eurogamer have leaked tentative details on Microsoft’s E3 conference, namely that there’ll be ten new Kinect titles announced.

One source says that the games announced “won’t be obvious” and another said that they’ll be “hardcore” – all ten are expected to be non-sequels, although there will be sequels revealed too.


One such game is likely to be “Kinect Sports 2”, the follow-up to one of the system’s best launch titles (alongside Dance Central of course) and the same studio, Rare, are also working on a second Kinect title.

What these ten ‘hardcore’ Kinect games will be is anyone’s guess just now, but expect one to be based on an open world Forza title.

We’ll be at E3 bringing you the news first-hand.



  1. AWESOME !

    • I’m guessing it’ll be Gears of Kinectimals or Halo Central

  2. I read that as “Kinect Titties” :)

    • Now we’re talking!

      • I think it was the “Hardcore to be served” tagline that did it.

    • Only in Japan

    • “Kinect titties” – that could be the collective name for Kinect users, as you always look a bit of a tit jumping around and waving your arms.

    • would that qualify as a freudian slip? ^_^

    • LOL!

  3. Put simply, they can’t have another E3 dominated with motion sports/dance games.

    • I wouldn’t say “can’t”, “bloody-well shouldn’t” might be more accurate!

    • Dan’s right. Another E3 filled with motion sports and dance games may as well say goodbye to the 360 until the 720 is released.

      • not even the 540?

      • No why would they make a U-turn on the name? ;-p

      • IF we are following naming conventions it reall hsould be the Xbox 719, if we follow the standard incremental pattern PS1, PS2, PS3, goes up +1, Xbox 1, Xbox 360 – incremenats in movies of 359, so it’s The Xbox 719.

      • But it was never called xbox1 was it? Ps1 was never called ps1 either. I get your joke though, just saying!

  4. Glad they are bringing out some more Kinect titles. I love my Kinect but there are only so many times my friends and family want to play Sports/Adventures when they come over, lol. That said, I’m not entirely sure what games would work without a controller but I’m sure Mr Microsoft has a few ideas.

  5. I bought an XBOX a few weeks before the PSN outage, and I’ve never felt the need to buy a Kinect. While I bought the Move for my PS3 almost day one! Why is that?

    • You have a brain?

    • Two left feet?

    • Prefer to workout outside or in a gym?

    • No children to mind?

    • Ok, I’m done. ;)

      • Borderline spam dude.

      • Oh no, those precious zeros and ones, I’ve wasted them!

      • I don’t get it…

    • Hey!… because the move gets you movin, the Kinect connects you with the game but both haven’t been nice with the quality of games.

    • you want to sit down?

    • You like buttons?

  6. Bring on the video clips and gifs.

  7. This raises another question… move games please sony…? aha

    • Resistance 3 looks to be pretty epic from what I’ve seen so far…

    • LBP 2 was supposed to have a move support but now…. its a upcoming patch apparantly

  8. I wonder if these will actually be hybrid games, using both Kinect and a controller.

    • NO! You are the controller [shouted in a bad WW2 German officer movie accent]

  9. Well we know there’s at least one Kinect “shooter” in development and I’m expecting that to be one of the E3 reveals. Pew pew pew…

  10. I guess one of them may be gears of War, would be surprised if it wasn’t Halo to be honest.

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