New ‘No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise’ Trailer Launched

I think it would be fair to say that most of us enjoy chopping people up; I mean it’s a sound hobby, right? Oh…well moving on, a new ‘No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise’ trailer has been launched in anticipation of the game’s PS3 debut this week – and in this game you will be doing lots of chopping.

You take control of Travis Touchdown, a man on a mission to take down the world’s best assassins. His weapon of choice is a ‘Beam Sword’, which is essentially a big old lightsaber. The game also supports Move controls for all of you with Jedi aspirations.

Source: YouTube



  1. Don’t fancy this at all. Not really a fan of the trailer either.

    • I quite enjoyed the Wii version, although that had quite a few technical issues. I’m looking forward to playing this one.

  2. Can’t wait looks awesome, only decent game on the wii

  3. Sigh….I really wanted to like this game, I really did

  4. This game is going to be left in the dust unfortunately. Konami have done a terrible job of promoting it and to release it on the same day as LA Noire is nothing short of madness.

    • Its silly… I would prefer it to be released in the beginning of May which hardly featured any decent game.

  5. Have to say that this game looks extremely pants.

  6. “launched in anticipation of the game’s PS3 debut this week ”

    No… it can’t be, not this week… its effin annoying, I’m waiting

  7. April/May would have been great for this game. It’s like Konami are setting it up to fail *shakes fist*

  8. Move.

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