WeView Verdict: Modern Warfare 2

Note: This article contains some minor spoilers for Modern Warfare 2.

Well I wanted a game that would produce more of a split, and Modern Warfare 2 certainly produced that. I think this is the first week where we’ve had a rating in every category, in fact we had several in each. There really was a full mix of opinions of the game, from those who loved it to those who simply couldn’t stand it. Finally, a real difference of opinion.

So, let’s get things off on a positive note. I always like to get things off to a positive start. It was nice to see the passion that some of you, such as gazzagb, have for Infinity Ward’s blockbuster. Here’s what he had to say on the game’s campaign.

MW2 is probably one of my favourite games ever. Firstly, I loved the campaign. Yes, it was short, but no shorter than most games these days. And it was the experience for me, that made it most enjoyable. I really connected with the characters. That’s something extremely rare to find in videogames. (Spoilers!) When Ghost & Roach died, I was speechless. Never before have I found myself so connected to fictional characters.

The only bad thing I’d say is that the game is full of corridors, as are most FPS’s. It’s just from objective A to B, down one path, with signposts every 20m, which can get annoying. The ending was also great, I loved the showdown, and the entire campaign just left me saying “wow”.

However, this was a game that split opinion so there were those who weren’t quite so enamoured with the campaign. Even those who liked the game cast some doubt on its plot. Take DrNate86, who rated the game as Buy It, but wasn’t all that enamoured with the game’s single player experience.

If an infinite number of monkeys sat down with an infinite number of typewriters, would you eventually end up with the complete works of Shakespeare? Doubtful, but might end up with the plot of Modern Warfare 2. As coherent as a drunk, it’s semi-sane ramblings are reminiscent of General Ripper in Dr Strangelove. “There’s nothing wrong with my bodily fluids. Not a thing, Jackie.” Modern Warfare 2, like him, is a bit of a head scratcher.

Of course, Call of Duty isn’t all the well known for its campaign. Yes, there are those who will work their way through it, but for the most part it’s the multiplayer that’s turned Call of Duty into the unstoppable juggernaut it is today. However even this remarkably widely loved aspect of the game managed to cause a split amongst those of you who shared your opinion. On the one hand Daywalker seems rather enamoured with the game’s multiplayer, having invested almost two weeks in it.

The game really does come into its own in multiplayer though. I had/have spent around 9 days on COD4 multiplayer and absolutely loved it. MW2 i’ve managed to rack up around 12 days. It’s just so fun. Yet again it has flaws such as lag, recent hacking, and the awful start of game ‘Noob tube’ spam, but other than that it really is fantastic. (I play Hardcore Search and Destroy. Its awesome).

Also the resurgence map pack is pretty sweet, with Fuel being a nice sniper game (But is horribly broken by an enterable rock glitch meaning they can shoot, but not get shot), the carnival one being a good objective game, and trailer park being great for free for alls.

On the other hand there was BF117HALO who took a pretty contrary view. Although they very much enjoyed the game’s predecessor, it seems that Modern Warfare 2 itself was a bit of a let down.

I hated the multiplayer. Hated it. Nothing new except customisable killstreaks and weapons, it was more or less the same as the previous two CODs. I thought of it more of an expansion pack to COD4. I found the gameplay repetetive and overall boring and didn’t like the maps as I did with COD4.

Finally there were two comments that stood out as nicely rounding up the whole debate. The first came from Youles, who had something to say about the hype that had built the game up.

Something that receives such hype will always struggle to live up to it, as we all set our expectations differently. Perhaps midnight releases are a bit arrogant however I think we have to judge this game in two ways – as a stand alone game for people who somehow missed the first Modern Warfare, and for people who played the original CoD4. After all, its roots are what caused such hype in the first instance.

On the flip side Roynaldo possibly managed the shortest review I’ve seen so far in WeView. He managed to cram it all into three sentences, nicely encapsulating his thoughts on the game.

A broken story and over time a broken multiplayer. Worth a quick playthrough or two. Probably the worst Call of Duty created.

That really is rather succinct isn’t it? Anyway, onto the verdict. Seventeen of you cast your verdict on this game and it came out as a much closer  vote than we’ve had with previous games. In reverse order; Rent It came out with two votes, Bargain Bin It gained support from three of you, Buy It managed to gain five of your votes, but was finally defeated by two votes, meaning that Avoid It wins with seven of your votes.

A slightly surprising result, although a few of the votes for Avoid It were based on the premise that Modern Warfare 3 is coming out later this year.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and remember we’ll have a new game for you tomorrow.



  1. Probably one of the most debated game so far on Weview.

  2. When it comes to gamers and MW2, quoting the Offspring for a second, it’s cool to hate. Sure it may not be the best game in the world but it has great visuals, a thrilling campaign, a huge array of multiplayer features (including the co-op ‘spec ops’ mode) and is certainly one of the better shooters on the market. I’m more of battlefield fan personally but I can still see how fantastic the COD series is. You want a crap shooter? Try Brink or Haze ;)

    • no. never try haze. never talk about haze. never even look at haze. its awful

      • LOL true that. I remember getting my hopes up about that game majorly (I even enjoyed the demo!) but damn that was an awful game in the end

      • lmao too true!

      • I’m sorry I loved Haze. Yes it was terrible in terms of graphics…but that story was so dark! Really good :)

      • Actually I have to agree the story was half decent although I never felt like I was fighting super soldiers after the “switch-sides” bit.

    • I’m actually loving Brink at the moment. I don’t like COD and love BFBC2, but for some reason Brink is really different and I like it

      • Yeah I think it was the naff AI that spoiled it for me. Given it is such an objective-focused game, having to defend areas for 10 minutes for example while my AI buddies are on the other side of the map “securing a command post” gets really annoying lol.

      • Yeah I know what you mean, but play online and its a different kettle of fish, much better.

      • Yeah unfortunately only one of my mates bought Brink at the same time as me so my experience was mostly spent playing co-op alongside 6 BOTs… not fun lol. I think if you could get a team of 8 together the game would be much more fun, but its all a bit too laggy, etc for me as it stands.

      • You have great taste Bilbo , i will have to get a hold of a copy of Brink . Id be disappointed if it was anything like CoD or Doom/Quake/Unreal type of game , i hate those type of selfish run gun and help no one type of shooters.

      • brink reminds me of borderlands – play anything like it? really enjoyed it

    • Couldn’t agree more with R4U Eldave0’s first line of his comment.
      It’s cool to be contrarious. It really amazes me how much the more hardcore gaming community look down their noses at people who like CoD. This is is too prevalent at TSA because 99.9% are mature in their behaviour, so this isn’t a slight on anyone here, just a general comment from my experiences across the whole of the gaming related interwebs (and life too actually).

  3. I personally hate this game – with a passion – and I am starting to see the trend in Call of Duty games, they are turning this game into a big fat money making franchise and you know what that’s like don’t we? (Hi FIFA!). Campaign is a rubbish on the rails shooter, like most games but does that really excuse it? No! It can be the one that breaks the mold! The multiplayer is just a copy and paste job from MW but with call signs and customizable kill streaks. To be honest Avoid it, Avoid the next one make this obsession with COD games end and let more inventive and imaginative shooters take the #1 spot in peoples hearts (Hi HL2).

    • One thing is for sure when buying a CoD game, the community will last for a long long time. I have lost count how many times I have got into an FPS shooter online, only for its community to die out in the first 9-12 months. I can still fire up COD4 and find plenty of lobbies on there so that definately counts for something for me :)

  4. I have this game brand new and havent played it once. Cant stand these on rails shooters.

    All fur no knickers or something like that.

    • It’s not really ‘on rails’ though – Very scripted yes, but not on rails as you do have freedom of movement in the area you are in.

      So I presume that it was bought for you as a gift then?

      • Got it with my 360. Perhaps I should try it.

      • It’s definitely worth a try – I generally hate first person war-themed shooters & i got on ok with it, but as you can see from the assortment of views, it’s a pretty marmite product.

        The story is a bit all over the place, but it is there & the main mechanics of the game (i.e. the shooting aspect) is damn good. Definitely worth a shot. Even if you find it awful, you can at least say you have played it & didn’t like it.

  5. agreed m8

  6. No other game can offer as good a 4 player offline session. The story was terrible, and the online polluted with noisy kids and obnoxious angry gamers. But when playing free for all on splitscreen, its a beautiful brilliant thing. The classes and levelling just works, and there are loads of sudden crystallising moments, when 3 of your mates all team up to take down your harrier/chopper/whatever. The betrayal this inevitably leads to would be infuriating online, but with the perpetrator sitting next to you it’s just hilarious.
    For me this will go down with games like burnout 3, timesplitters 2, pes 3 and LBP as multiplayer classics

    • “No other game can offer as good a 4 player offline session” I was about to remind you of Timesplitters2 until I noticed it at the end of your comment lol! :)

  7. I like MW2 especially playing with friends, sure it does get boring at times and the campaign was pretty good but it wasn’t WOW but really decent.

  8. While I respect everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the COD franchise will always be heavily debated partly because there are a lot of people that hate something purely because it is popular, hence a lot of people that ‘hate’ it only do so because of its popularity.

    • My sis says that to me about Justin Bieber…

      *teasing* … :P

  9. I’m happy to get mentioned :D

    Suprising that no one has said ‘That BFHALO dude obvously said that because his name has HALO in it.’

    Thanks anyways for the mention :D

  10. I played MW2, and pretty much hated it, but didn’t write a review as I know it would’ve been way too negative…
    The singleplayer was the most random and generic singleplayer experience I’ve had this gen, and the multiplayer is all about finding the cheapest way possible to kill ones opponents, be it camping, using heartbeat censors, abusing killstreaks, noobtubes, the list goes on…

    So, yeah, “avoid it” seems about right.

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