WeView: Modern Warfare 2

Explosions, explosions everywhere

I’m slightly concerned about picking Modern Warfare 2 for this weeks games. It’s a bit old now but it’s still got that behemoth feeling to it, even if it has been surpassed by Black Ops now. Hopefully you’ll dig out your copy, have a quick play and give us your thoughts on the game.

Of course, despite Call of Duty’s colossal sales figures it does seem to be a bit of a Marmite game. Whilst there are huge numbers of people who love the series, there always seems to be an equal number who want nothing to do with it. Personally I think I think the games are enjoyable, but I’m not sure why it’s reached the dizzying heights it has.

So what did we think of it when we reviewed it way back in 2009? Well lets we were suitably impressed, and it sat on a solid 9.

The variation of missions and locations is simply fantastic and possibly unrivalled. Whether it be a run and gun free for all in the suburbs of Rio, speeding on a snowmobile down the Tian Shan Range, stealthily eliminating enemies under the cover of sand or snow, tactically clearing out a building or sprinting Mirror’s Edge style through tight alleyways, it is always kept fresh. It is always exciting. The dénouement is as well played out as any other, with the final sequence producing a suitable climax.

With multiplayer that resembles a polished version of the successful version released two years ago, it’s certain to be a massive hit and has already sucked me into it. With its MMO-styled progression system towards rewards and upgrades, it will hook players in an instant. However, it’s the additional co-operative mode Spec Ops mode that is the main extra draw. Providing a healthy does of bitesized missions to engage with another player, creating arcade-style challenges, with incredibly well fuelled replayability with the use of a star system, time trials and leaderboards, it takes a unique twist on the traditional story based co-op scenarios.

However, for a game the size of Modern Warfare 2 it seemed only reasonable to give more than one opinion on the game. So for a bit of variation, here’s the scathing opinion of Alex who only felt it was worth a 4.

Modern Warfare 2: really not worth queuing up in the freezing cold of a Glasgow morning for, that’s for sure. I really, really don’t like it – the storyline is all over the place (without any coherence), the ‘action’ little more than spasmodic set piece after set piece and it’s all so scripted it might as well just be a series of quick time button presses. The graphics don’t impress, the frame rate’s all over the place and the in-your-face shouting is so repetitive and banal it’s almost insulting. And the ‘famous’ No Russian chapter? Utterly pointless, serving little more than the opportunity to bag a few more column inches before release.

So there you go, proof that this is certainly a divisive game. However, what we want if your thoughts on the game; so head over to the forums and write out a short piece on your thoughts on Modern Warfare 2 and remember to give it a score on the Buy It, Bargain BinRent It, Avoid It scale.



  1. Should be an interesting one. I’ve been meaning to play through MW2 again for a while so this seems a pretty good excuse to do so :)

  2. Another game I haven’t played… stop it, you’re making me realise I’ve only played a minuscule amount of games!

    • I’m actually pleased to not have played any Call of Duty or to even get excited for the latest shooters that get all the press, so…

  3. It’s clearly nang, and anyone who hates on it, only does because they think it’s cool to.

    • “only does because they think it’s cool to”

      No… I think it can be the cause of the Cod/Fifa dempgraphic, besides the others games are too nerdy for them even the Playstation 3 could be considered to nerdy. (this is college, this is mainly the Cod/Fifa group)

      I have grown to dislike much of mainstream media not just music but games have now started to be the same effect. Simply I won’t buy Call of Duty or even Battlefield, but thats because of my interest of sci-fi and fantasy. Lesser known games get a better chance but unfortunely everythings not the same.

    • nang? What does that mean? Sorry being old here.

      I personally couldn’t get along with it, the SP was ok, nothing special but the MP I hated unfortunately.

      Would say RENT IT

      • Am i right in saying that no explanation has been given for ‘nang’ as yet? As i have to admit to also being old & not having a clue what this means!

        I am guessing ‘good’? Seems to fit with the rest of what was said! :D

      • I’m 16 and don’t know what nang is. This word isn’t something i’ve seen or heard until now. Research is needed.

      • I’ve just had a look and it appears to mean that something is cool.

    • Yes, I “hate on it” because I think it’s cool. Nothing to do with the disjointed plot, poor AI, age old graphics, reportedly unbalanced multiplayer gameplay, etc. etc.

      Incidentally, I “hate on” Killzone 3 for similar reasons, but rather enjoyed CoD 4 and Killzone 2. I like games that play well and have good single player modes.

    • I get where you’re coming from, people hate it just because it’s popular. Same thing happens with Justin Bieber for example*. It’s some weird thing that certain people in society do.
      *In no way am I saying I like the guy! :P

    • I don’t think it is cool to hate it. I just don’t like and avoid it every year.And i am not that big on FPSes unless it involves Aliens or demons.I prefer RPGS as i love them.:D

  4. Haha no way I just bought this for £8 from Game 2nd hand. Played the first one and enjoyed it but not played the last 2. Don’t think it will get here in time though for me to review :-(

  5. Hmm, this is indeed a ‘Marmite’ game. That said, I’m one of the seemingly very rare people who both love and hate this one. I do really enjoy the quick, intense adrenaline filled on line play and yet I also hanker after the slightly simpler and cleaner gameplay of MW1. It felt more streamlined, a tighter game, whereas MW2 feels as though the Devs have gone OTT with the Perks system. So, whilst I still enjoy MW2, MW1 for me is the better game.

    • Online seemed unbalanced to me, particularly perks & killstreaks, something I found Treyarch almost rectified with BlOps

    • I agree. It is very unbalanced but for some reason still play it a lot.

      Just a quick couple of examples of how unbalanced it is:
      Overpowered akimbo shotguns.
      One man army perk meaning people have an endless supply of rpg’s, grenades etc.
      With the commando perk you can stab people from miles away, even if they’re shooting at you.

      I could be here all day making a list, MW1 was much better balanced.

  6. I would try to review this but played three/four levels thought it was a load of rubbish and sent it back to boomerang rentals. Loved the first, hated the ridiculous second.

  7. I couldn’t get past the Favelas took me loads of attempts & when I did get past them a bloody dog killed me

    • Haha same here. That’s when I realised I hated MW2.

    • That was one map i had to significantly lower the difficulty on from Veteran (i think) just to go through.

    • The Vietnam level on Black Ops is just as ridiculously hard & frustrating. I gave up trying to beat both on Veteran after those 2 levels.

  8. “Proof that this is certainly a *divisive* game”??

  9. Love it. Still play the MP now (well up untill 3 weeks ago :P).

    • Same here. Itching to get back on! Bought Black Ops at launch, prestiged, then played MW2 again, realised it was infinitely better and sold Black Ops. The ‘feel’ of MW2 just can’t be beat (maybe MW3?)

      • I know exactly what you mean. It feels meatier. I got to level 50 in Bl-Ops and havent gone back since. Keep returning to MW2 time and time again

      • Only prestiged once in Black Ops, trying to do the challenges for the pro perks was just too much of a grind.

        MW2 feels a lot smoother, I still play it more than Black Ops even though, as pointed out above, Black Ops is probably a better balanced game in terms of perks etc.

  10. Got this on PC a week ago for £1 from a charity shop. Only it’s still registered on Steam so the key doesn’t work, that £1 now seems a little bit pricey. Still, it’s nice to give to charity, but I don’t like to talk about that.

    • same thing happened to me with half life 2, except i think i paid a couple of quid.

      i considered it a donation and a life lesson.

      and despite giving more than you, i don’t like to talk about it even more than you do.
      because that would be bragging. ^_^

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