WeView: Modern Warfare 2

Explosions, explosions everywhere

I’m slightly concerned about picking Modern Warfare 2 for this weeks games. It’s a bit old now but it’s still got that behemoth feeling to it, even if it has been surpassed by Black Ops now. Hopefully you’ll dig out your copy, have a quick play and give us your thoughts on the game.

Of course, despite Call of Duty’s colossal sales figures it does seem to be a bit of a Marmite game. Whilst there are huge numbers of people who love the series, there always seems to be an equal number who want nothing to do with it. Personally I think I think the games are enjoyable, but I’m not sure why it’s reached the dizzying heights it has.

So what did we think of it when we reviewed it way back in 2009? Well lets we were suitably impressed, and it sat on a solid 9.

The variation of missions and locations is simply fantastic and possibly unrivalled. Whether it be a run and gun free for all in the suburbs of Rio, speeding on a snowmobile down the Tian Shan Range, stealthily eliminating enemies under the cover of sand or snow, tactically clearing out a building or sprinting Mirror’s Edge style through tight alleyways, it is always kept fresh. It is always exciting. The dénouement is as well played out as any other, with the final sequence producing a suitable climax.

With multiplayer that resembles a polished version of the successful version released two years ago, it’s certain to be a massive hit and has already sucked me into it. With its MMO-styled progression system towards rewards and upgrades, it will hook players in an instant. However, it’s the additional co-operative mode Spec Ops mode that is the main extra draw. Providing a healthy does of bitesized missions to engage with another player, creating arcade-style challenges, with incredibly well fuelled replayability with the use of a star system, time trials and leaderboards, it takes a unique twist on the traditional story based co-op scenarios.

However, for a game the size of Modern Warfare 2 it seemed only reasonable to give more than one opinion on the game. So for a bit of variation, here’s the scathing opinion of Alex who only felt it was worth a 4.

Modern Warfare 2: really not worth queuing up in the freezing cold of a Glasgow morning for, that’s for sure. I really, really don’t like it – the storyline is all over the place (without any coherence), the ‘action’ little more than spasmodic set piece after set piece and it’s all so scripted it might as well just be a series of quick time button presses. The graphics don’t impress, the frame rate’s all over the place and the in-your-face shouting is so repetitive and banal it’s almost insulting. And the ‘famous’ No Russian chapter? Utterly pointless, serving little more than the opportunity to bag a few more column inches before release.

So there you go, proof that this is certainly a divisive game. However, what we want if your thoughts on the game; so head over to the forums and write out a short piece on your thoughts on Modern Warfare 2 and remember to give it a score on the Buy It, Bargain BinRent It, Avoid It scale.



  1. It will be interesting to hear some honest and hopefully reasonable opinions on MW2 instead of “MW2 is da best,u r noob if u hate it”.

    • or your a annoying 10yr old fanboy, that cant possibly play anything else if you like it.

  2. until today t’was the only game i owned and i absolutely loooooove the MP. i didnt hate the SP, but couldnt get into it, although i have run through it and spec ops since psn went down. it’s actually quite enjoyable! now i have Uncharted to play!

    that took me over 5 minutes to write using this lame ps3 controller!!

  3. The words “meh” and “bin” spring to mind, I was never a fan of MW series, I thought they could at least use a more how can I put “technologically relevant” engine, yes the quake engine is tried and tested but has been tested to death I like innovation in my games not rehashes. I also dislike the multi-player its finicky, too fast paced and most importantly lacks vehicles which to be honest in a “Modern Warfare” game should be a standard. So yeah I bought the game twice hated the game twice, didn’t touch black ops will not be even buying into the hype of MW: Epic colossal super awesome!!11!!

    • Osa”meh” “bin” laden?

    • brink runs the idTech 4 engine, which powered doom 3 seven years ago, so cd isn’t alone.

      • given the amount of work and customisation of engines that goes into creating games it can be a bit of a misnomer to get hung up on how old the initial engine was, its importance is probably little more than a marketing line from a competitor.

        Valve’s Source engine has been around for many, many years but each new game sees the engine worked on, the same with all the Unreal engine games, of which there are many.

        CoD’s engine sacrifices resolution to play at twice the framerate of other console FPS, but it still has plenty of post-processing visual effects the dust particles & /some/ of the lighting for example.
        Of course if they further added and optimised the engine they could have some more advanced features, but I have the feeling they don’t want to do anything to sacrifice the feel of the games and have to run at half framerate like some of the newer FPS which may have a few more pixels or a shadow on the backside of a stone in the distance that you can hardly see anyway but can feel as if you’re running & aiming whilst underwater in comparison to CoD.

      • To clarify on my part, i have no qualms re an engines age. My comment was merely to point out to hully, that other devs do this too & have successful projects. For some reason, only the age of cods’ engine seems to be raised as an issue on the net.

  4. i wonder how many will turn to love mw, now that larger maps & destructtable environments will now be incl.
    there goes the bf argument of, but you can blw buildings up & run for miles.

    • apologies for spacing & spelling errors, but i’m sure you get the gist.

  5. It’s funny how people say this game is unfair – we all have the same guns etc available (sure, you might have to unlock them first).

    And moaning about killstreaks such as AC130s and Chopper Gunners – if I got killed once I had a class to deal with it; Cold Blooded & Stinger/Javelin. If you allow it to keep killing you, then you only have yourself to blame. Evening the spawn killing in these situations didn’t matter – don’t immediately press Respawn after death, wait for the killcam to finish – it’ll kill time without you being in the game meaning the enemy can’t rack up further kills/killstreaks and I found I generally respawned in better locations.

    You may not want to change the way you play by changing your class, but if someone has forced you to do that by their setup, then they’ve done well. And you should do better by countering it.

    • also use cold-blooded for this very reason, always used uav-jammer on mw1.
      Been times when i’ve had a predator & the whole enemy team where using it for that matter lol.

  6. Great choice. Marmite time.

  7. Excellent game, pisses on Black Ops!!

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