WeView: Modern Warfare 2

Explosions, explosions everywhere

I’m slightly concerned about picking Modern Warfare 2 for this weeks games. It’s a bit old now but it’s still got that behemoth feeling to it, even if it has been surpassed by Black Ops now. Hopefully you’ll dig out your copy, have a quick play and give us your thoughts on the game.

Of course, despite Call of Duty’s colossal sales figures it does seem to be a bit of a Marmite game. Whilst there are huge numbers of people who love the series, there always seems to be an equal number who want nothing to do with it. Personally I think I think the games are enjoyable, but I’m not sure why it’s reached the dizzying heights it has.

So what did we think of it when we reviewed it way back in 2009? Well lets we were suitably impressed, and it sat on a solid 9.

The variation of missions and locations is simply fantastic and possibly unrivalled. Whether it be a run and gun free for all in the suburbs of Rio, speeding on a snowmobile down the Tian Shan Range, stealthily eliminating enemies under the cover of sand or snow, tactically clearing out a building or sprinting Mirror’s Edge style through tight alleyways, it is always kept fresh. It is always exciting. The dénouement is as well played out as any other, with the final sequence producing a suitable climax.

With multiplayer that resembles a polished version of the successful version released two years ago, it’s certain to be a massive hit and has already sucked me into it. With its MMO-styled progression system towards rewards and upgrades, it will hook players in an instant. However, it’s the additional co-operative mode Spec Ops mode that is the main extra draw. Providing a healthy does of bitesized missions to engage with another player, creating arcade-style challenges, with incredibly well fuelled replayability with the use of a star system, time trials and leaderboards, it takes a unique twist on the traditional story based co-op scenarios.

However, for a game the size of Modern Warfare 2 it seemed only reasonable to give more than one opinion on the game. So for a bit of variation, here’s the scathing opinion of Alex who only felt it was worth a 4.

Modern Warfare 2: really not worth queuing up in the freezing cold of a Glasgow morning for, that’s for sure. I really, really don’t like it – the storyline is all over the place (without any coherence), the ‘action’ little more than spasmodic set piece after set piece and it’s all so scripted it might as well just be a series of quick time button presses. The graphics don’t impress, the frame rate’s all over the place and the in-your-face shouting is so repetitive and banal it’s almost insulting. And the ‘famous’ No Russian chapter? Utterly pointless, serving little more than the opportunity to bag a few more column inches before release.

So there you go, proof that this is certainly a divisive game. However, what we want if your thoughts on the game; so head over to the forums and write out a short piece on your thoughts on Modern Warfare 2 and remember to give it a score on the Buy It, Bargain BinRent It, Avoid It scale.



  1. Both of the CoD MWs come across as movie spin offs for a film that got canned… That being the case then they must be the best film cash-in games ever made
    (play the Thor game, you’ll agree)

  2. Killstreaks like chopper gunner and nuke ruined this game for me. I would feel like I was just starting to have fun on a map and then some nutter would get the chopper gunner or nuke and that’d be it – fun over.

  3. That reminds me someday i need to actually complete the thing!

  4. The SP, i mean.

  5. I’ve been meaning to have a trophy run on this for a while now. Hopefully will put a review up. Wasn’t the best game in the CoD series but it is the best for multiplayer. Really think they messed it up with CoD points on Black Ops. It will take a lot for me to buy MW3 though, I can guarantee that;)

  6. the only thin in the game that was worth while for me were the mission in DC. they were utterly jaw dropping, really they made the game worth playing for me. unfortunatly the rest was just rubbish none realalistic poop

  7. The unbalanced arguement doesn’t stand up, with the exception of Ninja Pro or Preditor, everything has a counter in MW2. It is annoying at times but the biggest problem in MP isn’t the weaponary, perks or killstreak. The spawn system is awful, especailly on Deathmatch modes and Free for all.

    The story of the campaign is OTT but it’s still has a story, and is much better than other FPS games, Bad Company campaign stories have been stupid. The engine may be old but it is still the smoothest there is.

    Overall, if you like FPS games, there is something for everyone although mastering them all is a big ask. I think where they went wrong with this game is they had a lot of ideas but no idea how to make it all fit. It was polished enough without taking things out.
    And most of the things in MW2 set steps for progression in FPS games. Medal of Honour built of the killstreak idea with defensive and attacking option, then Homefront took it further.

  8. I disliked codmw2, especially the multiplayer. It seemed that no matter if your really good, there’s always unfair spawns, those annoying death streak rewards, and don’t even get me started on how overpowered the killstreaks were…
    It just seemed unfair….
    Although mw2 was good in some places, spec ops for example was fun to play with my useless friend haha.

    But for me, cod1 (original) was the best and still is the best, and cod4 just slightly behind. I say cod1 (pc) was the best because the game had a nice online community e.g. go into the same server, have a clan etc. Also the game was pure skill, no killstreaks, none of that stuff. Maps were the best maps I’ve ever played on, each was unique, not too big, not too small.10/10 game imo.

    In terms of singleplayer, I actually enjoyed cod3 the most as I got into it, and it had moments where you had to wrestle a German to his death which was fun haha but I liked it in general. Sure it was ww2 and had old graphics but it made you feel like you were fighting for someone.

  9. Fighting for something* Damn phone haha

  10. MW2 is one of my favourite games of all time easily. I’m not /just/ a COD fanboy, although I probably am a IW one (Blops is rubbish imo)
    MW2’s MP is something which I can’t stay away from, I just keep going back for some action!

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