Duke Nukem Forever Demo Dated For ‘First Access Club’

I’m feeling slightly unnerved as I type this. The launch of Duke Nukem Forever, one of the most delayed games in the history of the world, is less than a month away. It feels like the end of an era!

Those who bought the GotY edition of Borderlands, or pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever through select retailers will be getting access to the game’s demo from June 3rd, which is just enough time to get excited before the June 10th release date.


Unless it gets delayed again. Surely not?

Source: VG247



  1. Have decided that I’m going to get this on PC rather than PS3. Even after all these years it wouldn’t feel right to be playing Duke with anything other than mouse and keyboard.

    • Same here. Prefer FPSs on the PC anyways.

      • I would, but my PC is rubbish.

  2. Looking Forward to this! I got Borderlands GotY (Which is an amazing game itself!) So I’m in the first access club. I hope the store is back up in time though!

  3. I am so hyped for this. I put a preorder in for the Balls of Steel edition. After all, it isn’t every year you get a Duke Nukem game :P
    Would anyone recommend getting Borderlands? I keep thinking about it but got loads to do as it is and i’m just wondering if there’s anyone still playing it to Co-Op with :)

    • I would recommend getting it and playing split-screen with a friend.

    • If you do decide to get Borderlands mate, let me know as I’ve just ordered the GotY edition myself. I’d be happy to play it co-op with you.

      • Coolio. Even more tempted now I know someone on here will be playing it. My sensible side says ‘Don’t buy it you fool! you have too much to do!’ But my gaming side says ‘Buy eet, click the buy button now!’ xD

    • I’ve played online c0-op alot, but its best with friends

  4. Was hoping the demo was going to be a bit closer than this (you would have thought after 12 years of waiting I would be used to it by now lol). Either way I am really looking forward to it. My Birthday is the day after Duke is released so I think a large group of us are going to have our first LAN in about 6 years and play some large scale team-dukematch :D

    • Ah good times :oD

      • Absolutely. We used to schedule at least one LAN a month but commitments, etc got in the way eventually so it will be nice to make up for lost time! :) Any ideas how many players DNF supports? I would imagine around 8 but I haven’t heard anything for definate.

  5. When I worked in a games shop (1999-2001)people would always ask when the next Duke Nukem game would coming out, we even had a date on a release schedule in the shop but the date just kept slipping. I didn’t think it would have taken this long!

    • Until its in my hands im not believing anything!!!

  6. Have you seen the new demo release video. Hilarious

  7. Luckily I recently bought the Borderlands Goty! I can’t believe it’s actually coming out :p

  8. Here you go. New trailer

  9. Cant wait for this, I have it preordered. Hail to the King!

  10. Its nearly here….

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