New Dead Island Trailer Launched

The first Dead Island trailer grabbed the game by the dangly bits and firmly shoved it into the face of the public.

Some loved it; others found it a bit OTT, but it more than did its job.


That’s a lot to live up to, and instead of trying to top it the new trailer gives us some in-game footage rather than poor old zombie girl going for a flying lesson.

We’ve seen Dead Island first hand – read all about it here.

Source: YouTube



  1. zombie butts

  2. Loving the scenery. Can’t wait to see some actual gameplay.

  3. Makes me wanna watch the trailer again. Didn’t believe the hype till I saw it. I guess this shows the world you’ll be exploring in game. Surprisingly it’s an island :p

    • The cinematic trailer was awesome imo.
      Just wish we could see some footage of the game “in flow” though :)

      • I don’t want it to be a game, make it a movie!

  4. I’m really quite impressed with both this, and the older trailer. They’ve both been very stylised, cinematic pieces. Herein lies my problem though – are they hiding a mediocre game behind a stunning visual mask? I do hope not, but the cynic in me is already saying this game’s going to disappoint.

    • juding from the newer stuff they’ve been showing far from it

  5. I can’t wait to kill some surfer dudes.

    • And then play the game?

      • Absolutely. I’m born and bred in a village full of surfers and the chance to mount a pavement in a VW Camper and mow everyone down is just too much! :-P

      • GOURANGA!

  6. LOST music anyone?

  7. It looks like the Island from Just Cause 2 meets Dead Rising 2…
    Current Status: Intrigued

    • Parts of it reminded me of Farcry 2

  8. This looks guuurdd!

  9. Mmmm sexy bikini zombie. Nice

  10. What a nice cheerie little game…

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