WeView: Gran Turismo 5

Last November, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Gran Turismo 5 finally made its way onto the shelves. I’ll be frank, I never thought I’d actually live to see the day. In my mind it was only a little behind Duke Nukem Forever, and now even that’s coming out. Anyway, back to Polyphony Digital’s masterpiece.

Gran Turismo 5 is an absolutely massive game, not just in terms of hype or expectation, but as the game itself. In fact it’s so huge that we didn’t feel we could score it back when we reviewed it. Hopefully you’ll have had enough time with it by now to feel comfortable giving it a rating. If six months isn’t enough time, then I don’t know what is.

Although we didn’t feel it was fair to give GT5 a score after so little time with it back then, here are our thoughts on the game.

Gran Turismo 5 is essential gaming for race sim fans, something that will grow with you the more you play. Sure, there’s some visual issues here and there and the game’s UI is fussier than it needs to be, but as a racing game, which is presumably the reason everyone’s buying the game for, it’s unmatched, unrivalled and as comprehensive as you could have ever hoped for.

It’s unfair to score the game at this point, though, we’re barely a quarter of the way through A-Spec and less through B and it has continued to get better every step of the way.

But it doesn’t matter anyway – just go and buy it.

Do you agree with us? Or do you think we’ve got it completely wrong? Well time to let us know.

Just head over to the forums and give us your view on the game. It can be as long or as short as you want but if you want it included in the verdict article you need to get it in by Sunday; and remember if it’s long I can only use a snippet of the review. Once you’ve got your review written give the game a score on the Buy It, Bargain Bin, Rent It, Avoid It scale so we can work out the community’s overall verdict of the game.

That’s it, get writing.



  1. *rubs hands together* I’ve been looking forward to this one

  2. I miss this game. I didn’t give it chance to grow on me nor chance for me to actually get good at it and hence why I traded it in two weeks after release. I think my whole experience with the game was dampened by the fact I had a 20 inch SD TV which I would have to hold R1 or something to ZOOM the game in like old Gameboy games on a GBA.

    I think this game is just one everyone should have in their collection. No matter how much they play it, you will probably look amongst your games, pick this one up and discover a massive racing sim to get you playing for weeks of gameplay time. Renting it is pointless as I’ve shown, you don’t get time to get used to or good at the game.

    I managed to pull of a far few gold trophies in game but there were some license or special events which were just beyond me – TOP GEAR anyone?

    Beautiful game when I got my one and only play in HD just before I gave it away. Maybe some PS+ update way in the future where all memory is stored in triple clouds then this could be free and the billion GB download would take seconds :p

    • I didn’t realise how much I was writing, does this count as a review? I’ve not really mentioned much of the game, just what I did.

    • Top Gear challenge was very easy once you mastered throttle control :)

      • I find throttle control very hard on the x button, prefer it on Dirt 2 where you use R2, much more scope for gentle acceleration etc.

      • Yeah… I’m not used to X anymore especially Wipeout Pulse… I just can’t believe it I used to have that years ago until I bought it again on the store, I’ve always moved the acceleratior to R2.

  3. Where’s the official thread? :P

    • Apologies, can’t put the link in till the post is about to go live and got occupied at work.

  4. There’s good and bad points with the game, will head over to the forum and air my views.

  5. I’m still waiting for GT5 to be finished

    • Its still a full-game… like there’s alot of content.

  6. I want to love this game but it’s just no fun. And the menus are a pain to navigate.

  7. Beautiful looking game, gameplay is good, cars generally feel right but it comes alive with mates online, equal cars makes so close racing and much laughter & death threats ;)

  8. I got carried away with the hype and sold it within a week.

  9. A good choice and I almost suggested it last week.

  10. Added my five pence worth in the forum thread ;)

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