2K Launch Browser Game: Duke Nudem

Boobs. Whimwhams, puppies, pillows, norks, knockers. Mounds, muffins, ninnies, jugs, hooters, headlamps, dumplings, Eartha Kitts, bristols, milk wagons, ninnies, melons.


Baps, airbags, chesticles, chumbawumbas, honkers, rib bumpers, wopbopaloobops, shabba-dos, baby feeders, berthas, funbags, high beams, kawangas, mammaries.

Thelma and Louise, Abbott and Costello, Ben and Jerry, Bert and Ernie and Bonnie and Clyde.

Have you had enough boobage? Can you ever have enough boobage? Why the hell are you asking me, I would rather have a nice cup of tea and a hobnob than gawp at a pair of pert chesticles.

If you are a fan of funbags you will be pleased to know that 2K have launched ‘Duke Nudem’, a flash game featuring guns and naked women. The game has a ‘Safe For Work’ version but that still includes some rather scantily clad ladies so I would suggest that you check the game out at home.

Admirers of airbags can play the game by clicking here.

Source: Press Release



  1. Can’t be the first one to think that that’s just a typo.

  2. Ninnies is in there twice. Not a complaint as ninnies is a great word.

  3. And the image of gamers is sent back into the dark ages.

    • The image of a CERTAIN gamers, namely all you hetro boob loving men. The rest of us are just tutting and letting you get on being neaderthals.

      • As much as I love Boobs I am definitely in the Tutting camp

      • Completely agree with you Moshi. I know it’s a bit of fun, but is this really what the videogaming industry needs right now?

  4. “Bert and Ernie”???

    Thanks a lot. I’ll never be able to look at a pair of boobs without laughing. My only option if I ever want to get a girlfriend is to date someone both deaf and blind.

  5. I’m not doing too well… down to my shorts now … and i’m at work! :O

  6. TSA is a very educational site learned few new words today and to answer your question no you can’t ever get enough :)

  7. I’ve had a look, do not try it at work. Unless you work in a brothel.

  8. The game is really hard and I couldn’t get past level two :(

  9. Lol.

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