Sony Demonstrates Impressive AR Tech

Arguably the most impressive part of Nintendo’s 3DS (so far) is the AR cards and associated games. Sony has shown off an Augmented Reality system of its own, but one that seems to take things a step further.

Although the system will still convert an everyday object into something you can manipulate, it has done away with the need for ‘AR Markers’, such as the cards that came with the 3DS.


Check out a couple of screens below. It’s an interesting concept that would work well with the NGP.

Source: Andriasang



  1. I’m not sure what I’m looking at..
    A pink bunny with white socks..?

  2. Looks more like an Xperia Arc than an NGP….

    • Dan Lee says ‘It’s an interesting concept that would work well with the NGP’ nothing about it running on the NGP at the moment.

      • DirtyHabit says “Thats a picture of an Xperia Arc, so why even mention the NGP in the first place”


    • If the NGP can do AR, theres so much stuff to to be done with it. They must do it!

    • nemesisND1derboy says “I love lamp”

  3. Did not psp have AR cards too? Eye Pet?Invizemals?

    • I guess so, same thing… not sure about Invizemals since its so hard to see in store. Is it good?…

    • Yes! It did.

  4. Sony Japan have a video on YouTube of the tech:

    And the Sony press release, which is more interesting than most, is here:

    Was going to cover it later when I got home but you’ve beaten me to it. :-)

    • Perhaps the most interesting thing to note from the video is that the AR objects once brought to life do not remain tethered to the item that ‘spawned’ them. They’ll continue to ‘live’ even once the item is no longer in the camera’s view.

      • Can anyone say super street fighter life-size!! Would be fun watching these guys tear up the front room.

        Even better if they brought out video glasses attachment with a built in camera.

  5. I’d prefer that they just concentrate on getting some more and better games out for the Move controller.

    • The what now?

      • Even a sports champions 2 would be nice, really loved that table tennis

    • I agree with you there

    • Yeah man, you tell them. That department of Sony that has absolutely nothing to do with PS3 games should totally stop working on new innovations and just make Sport Champions 2!!!

  6. *Orders Chibi cat toys from Japan, take that! Hello Kitty

  7. whats the point of this?

    • It’s a tool application/game developers can use in any way they can imagine. It’s ‘point’ is that it expands what is possible with a device.

      • …and raises the price of the hardware. :)

  8. still looks like early stages, but I guess its impressive

  9. I don’t want this on anything other than the PS3 and I want the basic AR package. Let me do what I want with it…, where’s my latest Playboy? Winning!

  10. Interesting, I know some people doing this kind of thing at university. Sony seems to have figured out some good solutions for doing this very effectively.

    Wish the video at the source would load, seems to 404 on me.

    • Use the YouTube link I posted in the comment up there ^

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