Sony Tells Devs That The Store Will Return 24th May

According to Gamasutra, Sony has informed developer partners that the PlayStation Store will return on the 24th of May.

“The company has sent a tentative publishing schedule to partners detailing when their games, expansions and other releases will become available to players,” says the site. “In the memo, obtained by Gamasutra, Sony unveils plans to do two content pushes per week for the next two weeks to catch up with the backlog of content.”


There appears to be a series of ‘pushes’ to get stuff live.  Gamasutra says the first (on the 24th) will be the content that was meant to go live April 26.  There’ll be another three days later, and then another two the following week.

There’s more here, including mention of options to move some elements of the updates around.



  1. So reading the article only, the store could be back before the 24th of may? But content will start being pushed on that day? Remember the update on the 19th of april that not many got to see because it went down that evening

    • Where does it say or suggest the store could be back before the 24th? The first sentence seems pretty clear cut.

    • “Sony plans to bring the PlayStation Store back online next Tuesday, May 24 …. The first push, set to coincide with the PlayStation Store’s reopening…”

      • I though it was an interpretation, then i read again and saw the word coincide, ignore me :P

    • We can only hope haha… I still need a new memory stick for all the Final Fanasty games

  2. Just a few more days…

  3. I really hope the Spring Sale that was on before the hack is still valid. GOW HD collection for £15 was a bargain too good to miss.


    • Sure give it me

      • damn…. *to me

      • theres nothing worse than making a grammatical error in a joke

    • hahaha, love it

  5. Oh happy days!!!

  6. I’ll just be happy for everything to return to normality, well, as much as it does on the web ;)

  7. More importantly, people can activate their Online Passes.

    • ‘Most’ importantly i would say – Feels like i have been waiting to ‘activate’ bulletstorm for an age now!

      • Yo Forrest, you don’t actually need to activate the Bulletstorm pass. I tried it online just to see and you can still play, you just can’t the extra maps/skins etc, it’s really good, like a much more fun version of CODs nazi zombies

      • ‘get’

      • Pretty sure i tried it when PSN came back up & it just tried to direct me to the store to enter a code, but i may also be imagining it!

        I’ll take a lookey-see later if you reckon you can do it though.

      • You certainly don’t need to activate the code to play Bulletstorm online. I borrowed a copy from a friend to play the campaign and played a few multiplayer rounds. The code is only for additional content.

  8. The article on Gamasutra is interesting. Especialy their assertion that “Despite the security crisis, the company remains one of the most powerful players in the video game industry..” Really?

    Personally I think the loss of trust and confidence with developers will be more harmful to Sony in the long and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more exclusives going to M$.

    Any views?

    • Not at all. If that were the case the Microsoft (NOT M$) would’be gone out of business with the RROD mess. They didn’t lose any exclusives from that, and that was 100% their fault. Sony will recover and if anything be far stronger for it; it will take time though.

    • They can’t really get any less. I think nowadays only first party titles will be exclusive, too much money in being multiformat.

    • NO! LOL

      microsoft have also have the xbl down for a few weeks themselves and that didn’t effect them!

      • But they weren’t hacked and had 77million account holders personal details stolen.The hacks have affected customer trust and they could end up with a their shares have dropped.They are going to struggle with regain the trust over the next 6 months.

  9. Oooh, wrong side of payday for me. Ah well, guess that means I can’t go crazy on store purchases, probably a good thing.

  10. I want the Store back so I can download my Brink & LA Noire DLC! :)

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