LBP2 First Person Shooter Looks Fantastic

While a number of us have been pulling our hair out trying to build the simplest of contraptions, other LittleBigPlanet 2 creators around the world have been constructing levels which are genuinely awe-inspiring.

The latest piece of work which has stepped into the spotlight is a fully functional 3D first person shooter submitted by the obviously talented Steve_Big_Guns.


Though the gunplay looks a little stiff in places, this level is being touted as only a trailer for an upcoming project, despite the already remarkable environment designs.

Just as Media Molecule were anticipating leading up to LBP2’s release, its community are flexing their creative muscles to create games within games that are near approaching sub-retail quality.



  1. Holy shit.

    • Yeah.
      Thant was my reaction also! :O

    • The perfect reply. Sure, it won’t play like a real FPS, per se, but the fact that it’s even been created in LBP is just… well… nothing short of unbelievable!

      He will be known as “that guy who turned LBP into FPS” forever more. Still gobsmacked.

  2. Do you have an link, so I can add it to my queue quickly?

  3. Impressive.

  4. that is crazy, this guy deserves to be hired!

    • A number of exalted creators from the first LBP were in fact hired as part of Media Molecule. Met up with a few of them at last year’s Eurogamer Expo.

      • That’s wicked for MM to do that. It must be awesome for someone to recognise your talents and then be hired pretty much instantly because of it.

  5. I’ve made a few very simple games/levels with my son and we’re very proud of them, or, we were. The above level… I just can’t figure out how he’s made it. Unbelievable! Top marks to Steve_Big_Guns!

    • Same, I’m completely bewildered as to how people manage to knock most of the stuff I play on LB2 up though to be honest.

  6. That is simply staggering work!!!

    …although I do have a few questions about “near approaching sub-retail quality” :) What is sub-retail? Something that almost get’s sold? If so, what is something that doesn’t quite almost get sold? If you nearly approach something, aren’t you just standing still?

  7. that is pure awesome, Still not enough to make me buy the game though

  8. Jeez, I never imagined that type of level creation could be possible in LBP2. I struggle to create anything in 2D that’s playable but that level is off the scale!!

  9. thats just amamzing i’m still to finish my first level on the second one and my god the bar just got raised

  10. Bloody hell, that is amazing!

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