L.A. Noire The Fasting Selling New IP In The UK

Our review’s on the way soon, but in the meantime if you’ve not picked up the Rockstar published detective game then rest easy in the knowledge that it’s selling bucketloads with or without you.

Although the game’s topped the charts already, the big news is that it has become the fastest selling new IP in the UK, which is a cracking statistic for the developers Team Bondi.


With sales level with Red Dead Redemption, it’s also the 13th fastest selling game for the Xbox 360 and 11th fastest on the PlayStation 3, with 58% of sales going to the former platform.

You can read our hands on with the game here.



  1. Nice! I’ve played a few hours over the weekend (just got promoted to Homocide…) and so far I’m loving it. Great stuff and I’m glad it’s done well.

    • Unfortunate typo! Or is the ‘homocide’ desk some really controversial DLC I didn’t know about?

    • lol classic!

      game dose look good, ill defo buy once i get my new ps3… thanks 2 ylod

  2. Very well deserved. Great game.

  3. yaaaay…

    • Eh, sorry for that. Despite the technical advancements, this appears to be little more than the kinds of adventure games that were tried out years ago, with the same themes that are continuously used in other media. I’m finding it easy to be pessimistic about new games, so just ignore me >_>.

  4. Popped into my local Gamestation this weekend. They were promoting the hell out of it and even had on gangster suits. Nice to see it doing so well.

  5. It’s fantastic although I am struggling to complete a 5 star cases, these facial moods from all characters is amazing.
    I can tell I’m nearly finished, so hopefully today after work. (16hrs total in game played – that is worth £40…)

  6. fasting?

  7. Get in there and raise some lumps!

  8. still not fussed about this really. Nice to hear something doing well thats new though

  9. Really enjoying this game at the moment. The characters etc are amazing.

  10. Well marketed as well, it’s certainly the trendy game to be playing right now!

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