US Getting Resistance Double Pack

Remember when Resistance 3 was accidentally revealed by a billboard set up on the set of Battle: Los Angeles? Or when Insomniac announced that the Blu-ray release of the film would come with a playable demo of that game? Well the cross-media bond is clearly still strong, as a Resistance 1 and 2 double pack has just been detailed, via a flyer in Battle: LA’s box.


Branded under the ‘Greatest Hits’ label (the pack has so far only been announced for the US), the bundle will include PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man and the 2008 follow-up Resistance 2, as well as $10 of extra content (presumably skins, maps, or avatars) for those games and a exclusive Resistance 3 skin.

Whilst the pack is listed at a $40 price point, no release date has been given beyond “summer”; expect it to be included in the latest batch of budget releases announced at E3. Battle: Los Angeles releases on DVD and Blu-ray here in the UK on July 11th, with Resistance 3 coming in September.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle (Image: IGN)



  1. That’s one long tag line ;-)

  2. Nice! I might have to *cough* RESIST buying it though as I have the two games already.

    • Boom-boom-tssss

    • I just bought both games second hand for £12 and then this is announced…weird.

  3. Maybe this will make the online busy enough to speed up my killing machine progress.

  4. Would be nice if Resistance FoM got trophy support. I have played the game about 10 times, and found everything there is, but wouldn’t mind going through it again =)

    • I might actually play it if it got trophy support! :/

      • I’m pretty sure Insomniac very definitely said no trophy support for R1. Sorry!

      • Yeah, it’s one of those that has fallen into the category of “if it ain’t got it by now, it ain’t gonna get it!”.

        Shame though as I know that others look back on the first one with fond memories & a trophy patch would have made it more accessible for the masses who will only play games with trophies.

      • Aargh! Hopes up, hopes down. The life of a trophy whore. ;)

  5. First game is the first game i got on the PS3 and it is terrible to go back and play now.

  6. Trophy support for the first would be great.

  7. I recently got the first one for £3. Amazing how much it looks like a PS2 game. Quality difference between something like this and the latest COD is incredible.

    • haha cod Quality.. God one!!!!!

      • seriously. Resistance just feels empty. Feels like there are actions that are missing and really strange to have a torch when you are never in the dark. Similar to if you play FEAR, there is no level detail. Also can’t remember what else is missing but not having things like jump, run, prone etc feels last generation.

        Last FPS i played was MW2 (I think) and the level of detail is a generation apart.

        Just find it amusing, almost cute to think when Resistance came out people accepted that level of design compared to MW2 which gets panned far more.

      • LOL I had waaaaay more fun with Resistance than MW2. There a lot of games with alot better graphics and detail that CoD lol.

      • Lol. I’m sure there are better games than cod. That has nothing to do with this topic or my post. My thoughts were just that I feel resistance 1 feels very dated already compared to games I’ve played this gen. Mainly graphically and design/gameplay. I wish i’d used some reference other than cod as it’s like a red rag to a bull. If it cheers you up I hate cod. But my initial thoughts remain.

  8. Loved R1, scary as hell. Last time I played it must have been almost 3 years ago! :O

  9. Unless they include trophy support all they’re getting from me are insults questioning their business practices, tactics, and morals. Surely the extra sales from trophy “enthusiasts” would justify the week of work to add trophies. Sony could write a series of books on how to disappoint a customer.

    • Is it actually down to Sony though or Insomniac? I thought that the responsibility was with the Dev to include trophies (or not)?

      • I can’t remember the exact date but Sony requires all new games to have trophies, “new” I guess, being the keyword. They could easily tell insomniac to include them. It might be different if these 2 games weren’t already in circulation, but for as much as they market trophies not including them on a re-release is just plain lazy and cheap, IMO, especially since the community has been very vocal about giving older games trophy patches. I can understand not patching a game thats 5 years old if your not re-releasing it, but if you’re investing time and money in a re-release then why not fix some bugs and add trophies since that’s what the community wants.

  10. Still have my originals. Still cool though.

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