What’s Up With Kojima?

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, has tweeted twice this morning, both seem like desperately sad expressions.

The first?



“The thing that I spent one year delicately preparing became meaningless.”

And then the second:


“I can’t take it anymore (this is unbearable), I can’t say positive.”

Nobody yet knows what the tweets are referring to, but they really don’t sound good.

Rumours are surfacing that it might be related to Peace Walker – was a PS3 version planned which has been ruined by Sony’s announcement of upscaled PSP games?

It could also be linked to the Sudo51/Kojima collaboration, or even Snake Eater 3DS…

Translations from GAF.



  1. I’m surel we’ll find out soon enough, maybe they’re lines from a game we don’t know.

    • Good shout, lets hope its true!

      We wuv you, Hideo!

    • That is what i had in mind as well hope there is nothing wrong with Kojima

  2. Man, that’s very bleak. It has to be Metal Gear related!

  3. Oh how sad. I hope he’s ok.

    • My thoughts are with him, he is without a doubt one of the most skilled people in videogames, I quite admire him. I hope whatever it is, it works itself out soon.

  4. I really hope it isn’t something in his personal life.

  5. Maybe his wife has left him and he’d planned a Flash Mob celebration for their anniversary?

  6. I think it’s related to some announcement at E3 that he has been planning. Recent years Kojima Productions has had a surprise announcement at E3 with a website which has slowly revealed the game. Remember the Castlevania, MGS4, MGS Rising announcements… maybe he was planning to tease us on another game, and somehow it’ll be spoiled before E3.
    If he’d spent a year ‘delibrately preparing’, I don’t think it means developing a game, but preparing some surprise.

  7. “I can’t take it anymore (this is unbearable), I can’t say positive.”

    I think he just bought a Xbox 360! :D (i couldn’t help it) ;)

    • Nah. PSN is still not back in Japan.

  8. Maybe he spent a year preparing for a new -build a working boeing 747 from matchsticks- world record and someone beat him to it.

    • forget that attempt at being funny, I slept poorly last night

      • Well you never know :P tbh he shoud’ve just bought an airfix F117 Nighthawk. They look cool, and they’re fun to build! ;D

  9. I hope whatever it is he bounces back soon, it is horrible to see such sentiments from such a legend.

    • Perhaps his favourite call-girl has settled down. Gutted for him.

  10. Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm………Possibly that a game he was working on got cancelled? Just a thought.

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