Sony Reports More Website Security Breaches

The BBC is reporting the news that more Sony websites and services have been hacked, although some appear to have been 0ver the last couple of weeks.

The breaches include the leak of the information of some 2,000 customers from a Canadian Sony Ericsson site and the emails, passwords and phone numbers of 8,500 users from a Greek Sony Music Entertainment site.


In addition, Sony related sites in Indonesia and Thailand were also hacked.

Apparently no card details were taken.

A spokesperson for Sony told the BBC’s George Boyd that the sites were hosted by third parties and not connected to its main network.



  1. Pathetic losers need a life or at least take theirs.

    • Do you mean hackers or the blinkered reporters at the BBC?

      • I think he meant the hackers *chuckles* :)

  2. WHY!?!?!

    • Because they have no human morality.

      • As opposed to, say, squirrel morality?

  3. Hackers are simply humans without souls, nobody likes them, selfless bunch of…

    • No, you’re thinking of gingers. Hackers are just kunts.

      • Oi!

      • Peacekeeper, as much as I laughed at your post, probably best not to post stuff like that on here mate. Remember, Gingers are Strawberry Blonde, not ginger.

      • Lol I just watched that South Park episode the other day. Gotta love Cartman.

  4. The more Sony become a victim of these attacks, the more I think people will feel sorry for them – reversing the bad PR.

    Consumers will suffer as Sony time and effort will be spent defending these attackes.

    • I’m sticking by Sony. I have confidence that they will do everything they can to put things right and I bet they come out of this a lot stronger than the companies that haven’t been targeted (yet!!).

  5. The sole reason why Apple never went after GeoHot for releasing iPhone jailbreaks? Sony pissed off the wrong kind of people and now the whole hacker community is going nuts on them. Sony is naive if they didn’t expect such reactions, especially after word got out (even if it was only a rumor) that Sony security is outdated and weak.
    Anyways, I hope the hacking stops, because in the end, we the customers suffer. It’s about time hackers realized that.

  6. Leave the PSN [Britney] alone!

  7. Contrary to most comments sway, there are far worse people in the world than hackers.

  8. Hackers need to go and get a fecking job. Losers!

    • Maybe they get paid massive amounts by MS? Who knows?

  9. Once their fascination and intimate knowledge of computers shifts over to women, these gaggle of virgins can finally grow-up.

  10. I blame the lack of exclusive games for the Xbox 360…

    i.e the hackers are bored & have nothing to do LoL

    + It’s strange how this all started about the same time the Xbox 360 got dumped in to 3rd place worldwide? Hmm…

    • What is stranger is how you feel the need to try and turn this into a not so subtle fanboy comment regarding Xbox. Please, stop with the desperation!

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