David O Russell Walks From Uncharted Movie

David O Russell has left the Uncharted movie project, according to Variety.

“Insiders tell Variety the split was amicable and due to creative differences on the project,” says the site, “which is an adaptation of the popular videogame.”


The studio are beginning the search for a new writer today.  We suggest they look in an old abandoned submarine.

There’s no other details yet, other than a collective sigh of relief from fans of the game.

Not us, though, we’re entirely unbiased.



  1. Thank fuck for that

    • Well, yeah, pretty much. Walhberg’s ties with O Russell could prompt him to back out too.

      Someone page Fillion.

      • Get Michael Bay on the phone…NOW!

      • Are you fucking kidding me?! Bay doesn’t do plot.

      • yes but BOOM!

      • Fingers crossed then eh

      • Ive tweeted Fillion, nothing as of yet…

      • Fillion, I just don’t see it. Don’t think he would be a good fit.

      • wouldn’t mind Sam Raimi or Bryan Singer to take over…or the original game designers/directors would be good also.

  2. Sooooooo, will there still be Marky Mark?

  3. Can they FINALLY go and cast Nathan Fillion, now?
    Best get cracking, cos he’s not getting any younger!

    • Would love it for Fillion to get but I doubt it for some reason.

      • Way to rain on our parade! Poopy pants!

      • Castle has just been renewed (yay) so I’m betting he’ll be too busy.

      • Depends on scheduling. Many TV stars do a smallish movie over the summer. I don’t see why they couldn’t work with that, with finding a new director, cast etc. etc. filming is a LONG way off still.

  4. Does anyone else think Bradley Cooper would make a good Drake?

    • I do.

    • Other than Nathan Fillion, I’d say that Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) would be pretty good.

      • i never thought about joe flanigan before as drake, and thinking about it, he would be good. His can do action scenes and handle a gun.

      • I don’t really think Bradley Cooper’s right for the part – he’s got the charm, but just the wrong look.
        Flanigan? Hells no, he looks like an utter dweeb.

        Shane West could pull it off, if he took some smile and charm lessons

      • i could definitely think of worse actors for drake than Flanigan.

        i don’t think he’s got the big name they’d want for the movie though.

      • Joe Flanigan actually does look the part…….so to speak!

      • I approve of this thought.

      • I think Flanigan both looks perfect and sounds just like Drake. If he doesn’t get it, I hope they go with Nate Fillion, even though he looks a tad too old. I really like Fillion though, and I can’t stop whistling Castle’s intro theme.

      • Wouldn’t really see Shane West as Drake, although possibly. He’s busy with Nikita at the moment though (you know, the best show EVER), although as mentioned above filming for season 2 won’t start until later in the year.

        Also, hello DRCD1, SPAAAAAACE.

    • Josh Hopkins might be able to pull it off
      His eyes are a bit weird though

  5. I think I just heard the collective sighs of relief from millions of Uncharted fans.

    • Heh, just noticed that they said that at the end of the article…

  6. The creative differences being that everyone but him wanted an Uncharted movie not a random mafia movie raping the brand name. Best thing I’ve heard.

  7. I’m sensing development hell looming…

  8. Not bothered, the film will be shit regardless of who directs or acts in it, unless of course naughty dog made it, which is never going to happen.

    • Should just be CGI using the voice actors.

      • That’s the winning comment right there – nothing would do the franchise more justice.

      • wouldn’t that just be the game…

  9. YES! Music to my ears :D

  10. Finally some good news about the Uncharted movie :)

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