Sony: “Development Work” Underway On Future Platform

In a conference call to investors today, Sony’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato was asked to explain the high research and development costs referenced in the recent financials.

“For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life,” he said, as reported by Eurogamer, “but this is a platform business, so for the future platform – when we’ll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that.”


“But our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there.”

His statements suggest, as many would have already assumed of course, that R&D is well underway on the next PlayStation platform.  Whether that’s the PS4 is open to discussion, of course – could Kato just be referring to the NGP?

Nintendo are showing off their Wii successor at E3 in a couple of weeks, but we don’t expect Sony or Microsoft to follow suit.



  1. Beaking news: Developers develop more products ;).
    But it’s all exciting and curious news.

    • Haha, well said.

    • Also brings in the “Playstation 3” slim ad :D

      • You might want to check your link in Folding With TSA Co-ordinator.

      • Link go Bye bye!

      • Aye, I’ll get nofi on it :).

  2. Best guess: E3 reveal NEXT year, followed by a 2013 release.

    • Those are my estimations too.
      A 2013 release would also fit in perfectly with the regular 2 – year Uncharted release.. That would make for a pretty sweet launch line-up. UC4 on PS4.

      • Don’t think we will see Uncharted on PS4. Naught Dog= ps1(Crash Banndicoot(,ps2(Jak and Daxter) and ps3(Uncharted).So we will se a new serie hopefully :)

      • Wouldnt bet on it. Work on the PS3 was only started 2004, two years before it’s release. Furthermore there is no new tech that the ps3 cant already be patched for. I reckon we’ve got at least 3-4 years of the main ps3 life left.

      • @ kivi95 If you look at Naughty dogs product list, they usually do three games, and then a racing game of that franchise – I’m hoping there wont be an Uncharted racing game..

        I also don’t think we need a PS4 yet, a couple more years and maybe, but not right now.

      • Jak 4 :D

    • 2012 E3. 5 years of PS3, the same amount of time the PS2 was out for before the PS3 was unveiled. This sounds a very possible and almost likely idea that the PS4 will be announced next year. Here’s hoping for the most mind blowing development into the PS4 so that it starts brilliant and just gets phenomenal

      • Im pretty sure Sony has learnt from their awful early PS3 days and will not make the same mistake twice.
        (if however you are reading this from the day in which Sony unveils the PS4 and they have completely screwed it up, ill take back my comment)

      • I wasn’t being sarcastic in my hopes but I did only say it could be unveiled next year, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be out late 2013 but I’m just going by the pattern which emerged from PS1 to PS2 to PS3 – there’s a 5 year gap then the next one came out. If the technology improves as much as it did from PS1 to PS3 then PS4 should fit this pattern. However some other people point out that it will take longer to beat blu-ray and come up with a PS4 which will hit the ground running.

    • I predict that Sony will once again release the most expensive console ever.

  3. If your refering to the one advertised on the site in Silver, that D.H. from london has about 5 of them now! lol

  4. Hmm with all the controversy that has surrounded the PS3 it makes me wonder if a Launch of the PS4 sooner rather than later, provided it wasn’t as expensive to launch as the PS3, would be bad thing really.

  5. Does everyone think this is the PS4, then?

    • Well, the NGP is most likely included as a future development but as far as a new home platform then yes Playstation Four! Thor? 4!

    • I would have thought so, the NGP has been announced so presumably as this information clearly goes out to the public, they would have felt more free to talk about R&D costs surrounding the console.

      I’m pretty sure that by now they would be working on the successor to the PS3, and as the article suggests, no matter what stage that’s at, it’s going to incur costs.

    • I think it has to be the PS4, The article says ‘development is already underway’ well we know this about the NGP and considering the tentative release date of Q4 2011, we can assume that development on the NGP is all but finished. So what else is there?

    • As soon as Sony decided to make another console, probably before the release of the PS3, the R & D would have started.

    • How about the playstation tablet? (Unless I’ve missed something)

    • I think he’s still referring to the PSN (let’s call it PSN2.0 for a moment) and that is the platform that all devices will springboard from. They might’ve seen a way to deploy a completely revamped PSN and that the likes of the PS3, NGP, PS4 all have to be able to work from it. If that’s the case, R&D would be required now.

      Just a thought.

  6. Maybe it really is the PS4. PS4 will be a PS3 with better processors, a decent browser, better cooling system, and more USB slots hopefully.

    I’m joking obviously as Sony will put more into the PS4 =))

    • A USB slot at the rear of the machine, with two in the front

    • so, like a launch model PS3.

      • My launch day PS3 hasn’t got a USB slot on the back.

      • I was humorously replying to iAvernus, since PS3 launch models had more features then the current PS3s… and originally the PS3 was going to have 2 USB ports on the back, but Sony removed them for cost. :)

      • If only he’d left out the comment about better cooling it would’ve had a “zing” from me. ;-)

  7. vote and scroll down to see the PS4 idea, what do you think?

    • Haven’t seen this link for a while! Almost missed the little fella.

  8. I doubt Sony have properly started work on the PS3, seems too soon.

  9. It doesn’t matter when they launch the PS4, it’s not going to sell like they hope. There’s no new media storage available like Blu-ray to entice consumers to upgrade to a PS4, and any other OS or a web browsers, or anything else they add for that matter will either be removed or not supported after launch. So the only reason to buy a PS4 will be for better graphics… and the fleeting hope of a better network.

    • Not just better graphics, better capabilities in general. ps3 is quite limited in some respects, like only running 1 application at a time. Why do I have to quit a game to browse the web? why can’t I just minimise the game and come back to it without loading the whole thing up again?

      • True, I often had that same feeling, especially since some games take you to a web page to register, but alot of things could be fixed/added to the PS3 via software updates. I’d rather pay for an update that improved the browser, and adds things like cross game chat, ect… then fork out another $500 for a nearly identical system that only offers better graphics. Sony could still do alot with the PS3, but for some reason they don’t support it. IMO Sony should focus on new software for the PS3 which would be more profitable then new hardware and since they’re still working on HVD that’s suppose to replace BD around 2018, Sony should delay another console release until 2016 and then release a PS4 with a HVD drive, then that would give everybody a reason to buy a PS4. After all they said the PS3 would last 10 years or more. It just feels like they’re developing the PS4 because that’s what’s expected of them, instead of actually having a reason too. :)

      • it’s likely you’ll almost always have to quit a game to run another app. this is simply because you want to make as much processing power as possible available to developers (not that they’ll necessarily use it). computers don’t have this issue because we don’t mind some apps running slower if memory nears capacity… we notice the slowdown and adjust, or quit an app. but with console games, they’re expected/required to run exactly the same. it’s not impossible to make strides towards what you’re talking about, but it’s not cut and dried.

  10. What? They’re developing their next console? Outragious! What a shock! No, not really… They probably started a long time ago. This sort of stuff takes time. Another cell-processor anyone?

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