The Penguin Heads To Batman: Arkham City

Good news for all those who listen to the Oscar Mike podcast and like to mock Kris’ inability to say ‘penguin’, because the iconic villain will be featuring in the new Batman game.

The pingwin…sorry…penguin has been plastered all over the cover of the latest copy of PlayStation 3 Magazine and we look forward to hearing some more on what he’s up to.


Source: IGN



  1. Hehe got this issue yesterday and cannot wait to read it all about it. Heard Joker isn’t the worst bad ass Villian in this game, there’s someone else….
    Looking forward to read them at home tonight.

    • Hugo strange is the main villian in ac. The joker is in a gang war with harvey two face

  2. I hope they get the voice actor from the Animated Series’ Batman ‘

  3. Amazing. Can’t wait for this game, surely going to be a great sequel.

  4. The Pinguin?

  5. Must play the first more……

  6. Bonny looking chap….

  7. The the mocking has extended outside the podcast. Kris will never be safe now!


  9. I want his cane :)

  10. Loving that caption!

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