THQ Sign Left 4 Dead Creator’s Next Project

THQ have signed the next project from Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead. The game is set to be an ‘original, ground-breaking multiplayer experience’ that will supposedly have a similar impact on the multiplayer space as Left 4 Dead did two years ago. Other than this, very little is known about the game, aside from it being an FPS set to release in 2013 and it won’t be at E3.

Phil Robb, COO of Turtle Rock Studios, said “We’re thrilled to be working with THQ. This project is the most ambitious thing we’ve ever attempted, and we’re inspired by the support THQ has shown to help us realize that vision. We’re going to take the first person shooter experience to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to show the game for the first time in the months ahead.”


How exactly Turtle Rock Studios are going to beat their own game at, uh, its own game is a little hazy, but if they pull it off I’ll be a very happy man.



  1. wow….massive sub heading there on the main page!

  2. i never realised it wasn’t valve that made the left 4 dead games.
    should have been obvious though, they weren’t years late. ^_^

    anyway, i guess this means there’s not much chance of seeing those two games on ps3 now. :(

    • It was. They bought Turtle out during the development of the first one, I believe.

      Also, it uses their Source engine so it feels instantly comfortable to gamers who’ve enjoyed other Valve/Source games. Also, didn’t Valve bring Portal 2 to the PS3? There’s every chance we might see something.

  3. Interested.

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