Gears 3 Campaign Trailer Debuts

Those who stuck around after the Champions League final might have spotted the Gears of War 3 trailer tucked in with all the other adverts. It’s still a long way off, despite having been confirmed once for April this year, but it’s looking like a fitting spearhead for Microsoft’s back end of the year which we hope will be much bolstered with titles announced at E3.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the trailer (thanks to VE3TRO for posting the video to YouTube so speedily!)



  1. That looks unreal!

    • Game-engine related puns now?!…

      • You know it! And it does look rather shiny (not in the Firefly way)! In actuality I don’t think this looked too great, never been a fan of GoW’s style. With steroid-filled super macho men all over the place.

  2. Didn’t really do much for me. Even though I loved Gears 1 and 2…

  3. Saw this during the ad break. Didn’t take to the ad very much. Should’ve pulled a Gears1 and done another Mad World type advert. Still, showed the game off a bit.
    Match was great, love to see Man U lose and i downright adore watching Barca play.

    • Totally agree, that advert was awesome. I don’t think it would have worked for the third game though as everyone already knows what it’s all about..

  4. I dont know why I bothered to watch this.
    1) I dont have a 360
    2) I’m only going to see it a million more times as it’s plastered all over the internet and TV.
    Looked alright though. Not the best ad..

  5. Saw it on TV.
    The youtube video cut out the part at the start where they said the trailer was not game footage.
    Wasn’t too impressive whether it was or not though.
    The MW3 and Battlefield 3 ads at half-time were far more impressive, and I have no plans to buy either.

  6. I’m a Man City fan so you should all know that I love watching United get beat, The game looks pretty cool but I’m more of a First Person game player.

  7. Must’ve missed it, saw the mw3 one though …decent. Off topic, Barca played brilliantly and deserved to win after they played like that, even if im a utd fan!

  8. Gears is THE reason I own a 360. If it was out on either PC or PS3 (as I heard it, it very nearly was) then I’d have more space next to my tele in the living room. Roll on September I say! :)

    • (Sorry I went off topic and didn’t didn’t make a footie comment by the way)

  9. Looked average compared to the display that Barca put on, and I’m still underwhelmed now. I thought Gears 2 was slightly poor compared to the original, which nearly convinced me to buy a 360. Nearly.

  10. I think Microsoft are amount on gears 3 and have started six months early lol.

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