NeverDead Developer Diary: Arcadia

The NeverDead team have posted a written developers diary on their Facebook page which details how they created the character of Arcadia Maximille. She is the partner of the hero, Bryce, and works as an agent for NADA (National Anti Demon Agency).


Skilled with a machine gun, Arcadia is described as being ‘more on the manly side,’ which I’m sure she’s thrilled about. The diary describes how they arrived at Arcadia’s current appearance:

In order to come up with Arcadia’s design, we brainstormed numerous ideas with internal artists and artists outside the team. As a result, we decided to proceed with a design that focuses on her being an “office worker” and her design isn’t intended for fighting. Instead, she dresses freely but within the limits of an office worker. When she goes out on missions to hunt demons, she wears the agency jacket and equips simple firearms. With this image, we finally chose her to be the current design.

In complete contrast with every other Japanese game with a sexy lady in it there is going to be nakedness. What a cunningly original idea!

All the artists worked hard on parts of Arcadia that cannot be seen ordinarily. Maybe you will be able to see this somewhere!

The NeverDead team are obviously aware that Japanese games rarely translate well with western audiences and worked with a team in England to refine the character but it seems they have an odd view of English women.  If you are a lady from this land, you may not want to read the next paragraph..

Shinta was insistent on having Arcadia created in Japan because he did not want to have the rough taste and style of modeling female characters in the west.

Have Konami come up with a good character? Well the team at Lesbian Gamer (which has the brilliant tag line of ‘Because sometimes we use our hands for other things!’)  say that it ”Seems like they’ve gone for the wearing a jumper as a dress skank look and mixed it with the face of a 12 year old girl and Anastacia’s cleavage. Classy.’

Source: Facebook



  1. Well it seems the artists have been working very hard on the (w)hole

  2. Office worker? I don’t see how that explains the latex glove, poised index finger and look of steely determination on her face.. :O

    On a more serious note, i’m already interested in this game and look forward to hearing more about it.

  3. XD, excellent comment by Lesbian Gamer. Is it me or do a large quantity of Japanese games have characters that walk and look like plastic figures, and have poor collision detection? I know there are exceptions, but it’s something that Japanese games seem to continually do from my experiences, at least ones from particular developers >_>.

  4. Skanky? I reckon. She has that “I quite enjoy doing cavity searches” look to her. Plus, she’s showing her bra off for no good reason. Make us work for it, woman!

  5. Why does she wear latex gloves as if she was a surgeon

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