New NeverDead Screens Released

Konami has released some new screens of third person action game, NeverDead. As you can see from the shots, NeverDead’s unique selling point is the fact that the protagonist, Bryce, can have his limbs ripped off yet continue onwards. In fact, he can use these detached limbs as a weapon.

The Monty Python quotes will be never ending…

Source: Press Release



  1. O_O, the way they cap off the limbs and head connection points is really creepy.

  2. He could do a unique version of the fish-slapping dance.

  3. It’s just a flesh wound.

  4. I can’t quite tell you why but this has always looked horrendous to me. I want to be proved wrong as I’m unsure what’s prompting my strong feelings about it in the first place. Meh. Subconscious has the better of me it would appear. :)

    • Indeed – I want this to be good, but i have my concerns about the challenge of a game where the protagonist cannot die.

  5. In image 9 we see the protagonist technique for looking up a skirt.

  6. I think the idea is cool, but I think it will be let down by escort/timed deaths for everything, as you can’t die. I also think the enemy design, particularly the boss in screen 11. Ladyfriend looks lovely though :P

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