Duke Nukem Forever Getting Nvidia GTX 560 Bundle

Well I guess this is one way of making sure gamer’s PCs can run Duke Nukem Forever; include the graphics card in the box! Nvidia has announced a limited edition Duke GTX 560 bundle, which includes:

  • Limited Edition EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Duke Nukem Graphics Card
  • Full Version of Duke Nukem Forever
  • The History, Legacy and Legend of Duke Nukem Forever Art Book
  • Limited Edition Duke Nukem Forever Mousepad
  • Custom Duke Nukem “Radioactive” Belt Buckle

It’s currently available to pre-order for $250.


Source: Ripten



  1. I want that belt buckle. Not much of a PC gamer though so this doesn’t interest me. It will be the PS3 version for me.

  2. Mousepad? Who the hell uses mousepads these days?

    • lol, this is what happens when you publish a PC gaming article on a console website.

      • Haha, so true… which makes it sad…

      • Well, for me the era of mouse pads died with the era of rubber ball mice (which were quite nice).

  3. That is actually a good idea, now i wonder why it has not been done before … or has it?

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen such packages before.

  4. Nice for those who want an excuse for an upgrade in the trouser department… :P

  5. I might be tempted by this. My GeForce 8600GS is really showing it’s age, especially when playing The Witcher 2. All depends on how good Duke Nukem Forever is, as i could obviously get the graphics card itself cheaper on its lonesome…

    • Depends on whether you would need it too. The GTX 560 should be good for max settings at 1920×1080, but if your screen res is lower than that you could save yourself some doh and get the good ol’ GTX 460 (does the trick for me @1080) or even a HD 6870. You would save between £50-70.

      I must admit though, £210 for a GTX 560 and a game isn’t necessarily a bad deal, especially with the extended warranty EVGA are giving with it. But a 560 Ti can be had for £190 on it’s own looking on Amazon :/

  6. Well Im running a Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SOC so good to know that I’ll be able to play this game at full spec.

    Surely they wouldnt bundle the game with a graphics card that cant run the game at full spec @ 60 FPS

    • A powerful graphics card does not a gaming PC make

      • How about a SSD, 8GB Dual Channel RAM OCed, i5 2500k OCed to 4.5Ghz :)?

      • No, that’s a missile control system

  7. Not a bad deal at all. It would have been better if the 560 had more interesting artwork on it in my opinion. It’s certainly a good idea for a games bundle though. Don’t see that many like it.

    Still if I was going to spend that kind of money on a GPU, I would just go for an AMD/ATI one. Find all Nvidia products a bit pricey.

  8. Will this graphics card run farmville ok?

    • Yeah but Duke will appear and piss on all your crops

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