Podcast: Episode 20

Twenty episodes in and we’re still going strong. Well, we’re still going, at least. We squeezed in a Wednesday recording this week, because Lewis was moving house.

So, what was spoken about? Well, recording on a wednesday meant that Kris hadn’t gotten his comic book fix for the week but we filled that by talking vaguely about some stuff I read a few weeks ago. Lewis and I talked a little bit about L.A. Noire and the quiz was the most insanely difficult thing a human has ever had to take part in. There was also the usual mix of irreverent banter and poor jokes as well as a listener question that caused an argument.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Looking foward to this! Soo funny!

  2. Before listening to this I’m gonna predict that the argument was caused by me. Might not be true, but I’d say it’s pretty likely. ;)

  3. Thanks to a tip from Squalje last week i’ve figured out how to subscribe so i shouldn’t miss any from now on.
    Might have to skip the quiz though – i only guessed 3 last week! :s

    • you’re probably still ahead of Kris :D

  4. Listened to the other 19, so the 20th should be the best so far shouldn’t it?

    • er… yes, this one is totally the best ever!*

      *may not be entirely true.

  5. Wasn’t Red Faction the first FPS title to have dual stick controls? I’m pretty sure it came out a couple months before Halo.

    • i think quake 2 on ps1 had dual stick controls, they sucked of course, they didn’t use the now standard left stick to move and right stick to aim.
      makes it very awkward to play it these days.

  6. Downloading now.

  7. Hey, nice theme tune ;)

  8. Funniest podcast yet :)
    I think I got the first two like CB [without the 1 film from each] but if points were given out for just films [with no idea who the actor that linked them were] I think I got a lucky 3 more. Very good quiz for those who like their director knowledge :)

  9. Great podcast this week. Particularly loved Lewis’ Eggheads rage. I usually try to play along with the quiz, as I listen to the ‘cast while I’m driving to & from work, but this week’s was too hard for me, I just sat in silence. To be honest, I would have got more answers right if it was a picture based quiz. Incidentally, Gears of War’s cover system is about as innovative as my left nut. That Cliff Bleszinki chap from Epic said, at GDC07, that it was inspired and influenced by Namco’s Kill.Switch on the PS2 – a game that predates the original GoW by 3 years (2006 v 2003). Influenced to the point that Microsoft employed Kill.Switch’s lead designer, as a liason between MS and Epic. Oh, he also acknowledged that Kill.Switch is better than Gears of War. Well, he didn’t, but he should have.

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