PSM3’s Secret HD Remake Is Devil May Cry, Says Internet

Gematsu (they used to be Scrawl) reckon there’s going to be a HD Devil May Cry collection announced at E3 this year.  They don’t name their source but seem pretty confident, and we’ve no reason to doubt them.

You’ll remember PSM3 magazine teased that a “major PS franchise” would be getting the HD treatment, and that such a treatment would be announced at E3 – Capcom themselves have told fans to dial down their own expectations.


Kinda fits, really.  DMC fits with what you’d call a ‘major’ PlayStation 2-era brand, although it’s an IP that’s fallen a little of late, with many hardcore fans concerned about the recent ‘reboot’ in the hands of Ninja Theory.

E3, then.  Probably going to be a bit crazy.



  1. They also say in the same article: “Another collection, which the source has asked us to keep mum on, will be announced, as well. It will be a dark, dirty, and dangerous collection.”.

    Maybe: ?

    • Almost certainly.

    • That would be sweet. Never played any of the Jak & Dexter games. Now if only someone would do HD remakes of Crash Bandicoot and the good Spyro games…

      • I only played the first Jak & Daxter game and I have very fond memories of that so I’d love to see it. This generation lacks quality platformers so I wouldn’t mind seeing Spyro and Crash being remade either. The problem is that Sony probably don’t have the rights to the franchises anymore.

        Anyway, DMC 1 and 3 are great so I’m looking forward to this collection if it turns out to be true.

      • Agreed, agreed and agreed. Loving these HD collections.

    • Oh joy! :)

  2. I still want PS2 playback on a PS3 :-( But HD remakes are cool.
    + I wish they could do TimeSplitters 1 + 2 + 3 in HD :P

  3. A HD remake of the Devil May Crys would be awesome! Especially DMC 3

  4. Got to be one of my favourite franchises ever and I will be buying this day one. I loved DMC so much.

    p.s, screw you Ninja Theory, I don’t want no emo-kid!

  5. wish they would do the onimusha games as well

    • I would prefer Onimusha remakes and what I want is clearly more important than anyone else, they should make them for me

  6. ….but I’ve played Devil May Cry and 3 to death….. whats the use of a remake.. if it isn’t really a remake. :/

    If they actually attempt to modify Devil May Cry 2’s weapons much like the first & third… like they’ve basically done this to Monster Hunter then that would be worth plying again.

    • great love the HD collections keep them coming Sony.

  7. Sweet, DMC 3 with trophies would be very much appreciated. I never played the second, and though I own the first never really played that either, trophies would provide some much needed incentive.

    They should release a trophy patch for the 4th at the same time, that would just be epic :)

  8. I have the originals but trust ne, if this is true I would buy them in a heartbeat!

  9. and yet, still no announcement of a MGS HD trilogy!

  10. I am a huge DMC fan. I have played the games except two as it was a pile of disappoinment and rubish. I even watch the DMC Animated series. I hope this is true. I was furious when they announce DMC and showed us that emo kid which is not dante.RAGE!! oh er sorry about that. I would buy this in an instance just for 1&3 only.:D i hope this is true.

    • Two want great but still worth a play thru, if for nothing else to pop off ebony and ivory.

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