FreeStyle Games Start New Project Amidst Job Losses

Speaking to VG247, FreeStyle Games studio director Jamie Jackson confirmed that his team are working on a new project, but the team confirmed that 35 staff have been let go.

“Over the past three months we have examined a number of options for our studio’s future with Activision,” said Jackson.  “Today we are excited to share with our fans and community the news that we will continue our strong partnership with Activision, with work starting on a new, innovative project.”


Jackson declined to discuss what the project was, whilst Design Direct David Osbourn said that despite surviving the Activision cutbacks (especially with regards to music games) 35 jobs have been made redundant.

“We envisage that approximately 35 roles will be impacted and are consulting with the studio to offer tools and resources,” said Osbourn, “including outplacement counseling services and career fairs etc to those employees affected.”

“Although we will be really sorry to lose members of the Freestyle Games family we have no doubt that their talents will be in high demand throughout the industry.”



  1. Glad they are working on something new, DJ hero didn’t deserve to be cancelled tbh, 2 was much better than 1.

    • I bet if they went for region specific versions of the game with cheaper track packs they would have been more poular.
      I personally couldn’t care less about mixing hip hop music but would love to have a game that focuses on electronic music and there are people who think the other way around. This was the only reason why I didn’t buy DJH2. Too little, too late.

  2. Although it is unfortunate to see people lose their jobs, at least the studio is staying open and hasn’t been shut down like Bizarre.

  3. Yeh, my mate lost his job there. Thanks Activision! Why you don’t you produce other consistent IP other than COD. All your other franchises seem to fade away after a couple of releases. There are people and their lives involved here. I’m just bitter coz my buddy got ripped by them but still.

  4. Yea i really liked the DJ Hero games and thought the second one was a real improvement over the first.

  5. Never felt any of the games tbf

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