Jurassic Park & Back To The Future To Get Boxed

I know it’s totally inconceivable but if – and please don’t laugh at this ridiculous suggestion – the PlayStation Store went offline for some reason, it would be rather difficult to purchase episodes of the ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ adventure games.

Fortunately, Telltale Games have decided to release boxed versions of both titles and they will be hitting the shelves before the end of the year. Telltale’s vice president of publishing James Lamorticelli told MCV:


Our plan is to bring these titles to the UK and Europe in the fall of this year. We still see retail as an important part of our business – we love that we can deliver these video games to consumers who don’t or can’t purchase them digitally.

Telltale will be at E3 to discuss the releases with potential partners and hope to make the window between the digital and boxed versions of Jurassic Park as small as possible.

Source: MCV



  1. Fantastic, I’ve got their first few series (Sam and Max, Monkey Island), but didn’t get around to buying the BTTF games. I always prefer retail versions, so shall definitely be buying these!

  2. Jurassic Park <3

  3. Well if anything I’m glad the recent PSN downtime has renewed developers’/publishers’ sense of importance in retail.

  4. Did they say it was for PS3 as well or just the PC?

    If its PS3 does that mean platinum :)

    • BTTF is all formats, Jurassic Park was only listed as PC and Xbox.. hmm.

  5. This is great news. Hope they do implement a platinum.

  6. Good move, I’m sure it’ll get millions from the fans…. whats it similar too? if it is adventure…. well thats something I haven’t really tried… now wheres Grim Fandango? maybe I should install it again if its the same genre.

  7. No wonder with the Store down for an eternity.

  8. That is one big pile of good news.

  9. Oh good.
    We’ll be able to get them cheaper, once discounting sets in.

  10. Worth a shot…….

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