PSN Maintenance Postponed, Get Your Portal 2 On

Tonight’s PlayStation Network maintenance, which was meant to in action right now, has been postponed.  It’s not happening, at least not yet, and there’s no new date announced.

PlayStation fans originally assumed that tonight’s downtime would lead to the PlayStation Store re-opening on its return, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case.  Not this time, anyway.


Instead, rejoice in the fact that the Network’s actually up and running and you can get online and have a good old game of <insert favourite game here> because, let’s face it, that’s what everyone was moaning about for five weeks.

Quite fancy a bit of Portal 2 co-op, me, but then that’s pretty much every evening at the moment…  You?

Source: PlayStation Community Forum Moderator



  1. Heard another attact is happening in the next day or two, hope sony is prepared

    • what can they achieve buy attacking it again?

      • by^ they have all the info anyways I’m on fraud protect so feel safer now on PSN.

      • they can achieve what was achieved before, which was bring down the network

      • “They” didn’t bring down the network, Sony brought it down because of security breeches.

      • However their actions made sony bring down the network, who’s to say it wont happen again!? I sure hope not

      • Sony turned it off because they got into are details.

      • If SONY has to shut down online/the store once again for a long period, all the credibility they had left will be gone.

  2. I’m trying not to nerd out completely on LA Noire, and NOT find the last 20 cars, as I’ve already done all street crime scenes, found all film reels and locations etc…
    So I’ve backtracked and decided to complete Vanquish, and I don’t need no network to do that :)

    • I drew the line for myself after finding hidden vehicles and the street crime cases. Driving all those vehicles must be a nightmare.

      • Actually, you just have to get into the car in the driver’s seat and step back out again – but still.

  3. Finished LA Noire, waiting for inFamous 2 now so still waiting for the store to come up to anticipate inFamous 2 by playing inFamous for free. And since I can’t do that I’m anticipating playing inFamous for anticipating inFamous 2 by playing the inFamous demo.

  4. Sooooooo……No store until sometime next week at the very earliest I’ll wager. :(

  5. How long was LA Noire and how good was it?

    • From start to finish and a bit of time in free roam clearing up street crimes, my game-play stat is 21 hours.

      And i found it very fun


    The PSN might be up but without redeeming my pass theres no online dirtyness for me :'(

    • hopefully soon m8 :D

      • In a similar situation myself – bought shift2 to pass the boredom of the network being down, only to find that I still can’t play it online as it requires an online pass. Bugger!

  7. I want Under Siege!!! (please)

    • Ive been waiting for this one too, last December it was originally pegged for

    • Yeah I’m interested in the map editor, I know it won’t be a Age of Empires or Stronghold. Hopefully its just as fun :D

  8. How about school when everyone else is enjoying half term :( We get four days, starting Thursday.

    • How about when working people had 11 days off work without PSN. LOL

  9. I’m just finishing off the street crimes in LA Noire… which is turning out to be quite tedious but as soon as that’s done i’ll be getting Dirty all by myself :)

  10. Kz3 it is then.

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