New Forza 4 Video Shows Kinect Head-Tracking

Head-tracking via Kinect was announced for Forza 4 a while back, but a new video featuring Major Nelson shows just how it will work.

Speaking from a personal viewpoint I’m not overly keen on head-tracking in racing games, and it certainly didn’t float my boat in GT5.


What do you think?

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  1. Nothing amazing it easy to program this in Kinect.
    The problem with head tracking, is the screen doesn’t move as well. If look left then you end up look at the wall or worse the wife. ;)

    • Exactly, this is pointlessness masquerating as something good.

    • Indeed. So pointless. Why do you need to turn your head? The TV is right in front of you!

      • It is pointless. The whole point of Kinect is that it’s a controllerless interface and the only way you can use head tracking is if you’re sitting down or using a wheel. What a waste of time.

    • I was wondering, if you turn your head around fully then does it look out the back window? that would be amusing..

  2. I think that looked quite good, to be honest. I’ve never been a fan of the cockpit view, since it’s just removing screen space with what might as well be sections of black, so I always race in Superman or Bonnet cam.

    However, if I can look around, and check mirrors quickly, etc. etc. then suddenly cockpit view might not be so restricting.

    You can’t really compare it to GT5 where it was just something thrown in that simply didn’t work. This one looks like it actually /will/ work.

    • I use cockpit view most of the time and liked the head tracking in GT5 but it did take a while to get the settings just right. Just a pity it’s only available in arcade mode.

      • Yeah I really enjoyed the head tracking in GT5 it makes the cockpit view much less claustrophobic. I found it became really natural to look into the corners and check mirrors for people behind you. I play on a ~60 inch projector so wasn’t a problem moving my head beyond the edges of the screen like it would be on a telly. anyone tried head tracking on a 3D tv? I tried it out but the PS3 camera can’t pick out my face while wearing glasses!

  3. What I’d rather see in games, but haven’t noticed yet is for the in-cockpit view to follow steering input like the Citroën DS was doing with its headlights 44 years ago:

    Anyone know of a game that does that?

    • That’s a cool idea actually :) I don’t know of any games that’ll have it in but I’m sure you could always drive in daylight for the time being XD

      • I think you sort of missed the point mate, Watchful meant the view inside the cockpit to move around not the actual cars headlights during night time driving

    • Disorientating and hard to steer when the camera is moving around unfortunately, the GT5 team tested this and decided not to feature it in the game.

      • That’s a shame. Might take a bit of getting used to initially but as you look towards apexes when driving it would seem to make sense. And look at how much the camera shakes as the car moves around in some in-cockpit views anyway. Wish they’d left it in as an option in GT5.

    • Doesn’t Shift 2: Unleashed do that?

  4. As others have said, utterly pointless.

    • It would only be good if you had 3 screens surrounded around you.

      But that would still be pointlwss.

  5. The problem with some of the motion control tech is that it would be better suited in a V.R. environment.

  6. A bit of a naff add on I’d say. I couldn’t see how it would help in GT5 and I’m guessing this is like the same game but for XBOX 360 in terms of sim car racer so if GT5 didn’t need it, this doesn’t, right? If the Kinect integration was to run round the room in the shape of the circuit then that’d be fun XD lol but no it doesn’t need this functionality. However, at least they’re trying to implement the Kinect into the game.

  7. I think it would work well if it was a gesture that allowed the view to flick left or right for a moment, instead of 1:1 tracking of your head (as mentioned, your monitor doesn’t move with you so 1:1 tracking is a bit pointless).

    When using the official MS wheel, you lose the second analogue stick, where the looking controls normally live. Having some sort of kinect solution to replace this is a step in the right direction. Although, just allowing you to use a second controller for navigating menus would be good too.

  8. Looking at the way is implemented in the video, it does look like a more natural view when playing ‘in-car’.

  9. I was more concerned with how much the pedals moved when heavy breaking! lol

  10. I like the sound of head tracking but it’s hardly a revolutionary or incredible new feature for racing sims.

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