Porsche To Come To Forza 4

According to XboxFront.de, Forza 4 will be getting DLC in the shape of some long overdue (and presumably tuneable) Porsche goodness.

Details are currently thin on the ground, but we are told to expect 30 new cars from the manufacturer, 20 new events and 250 Gamerscore points.

There’s no mention of any new tracks, sadly, something that was a major issue with the game in the first place with just a smattering of new tarmac over the previous game.

You’ll no doubt remember that it was EA that kept the German cars out of Microsoft’s 360 exclusive – presumably that deal is now out of the window.


  1. Let’s hope we’ll get some in GT5 as well.

  2. 30?! no wonder there’s that much they all look the same

    • I remember that i had like 20 Porsches in Forza 3, so i guess that the 20-ish will be in the list of the 30 expected for Forza 4…

  3. now we know what’s going in those blank spaces on the event list then…

  4. Finally, now we can get proper Porches in other games than Need for Speed!

    • Finally, now we can get Porsche’s in games that aren’t shit!

      …corrected it for you…

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