New Screens And Art For AC: Revelations

Last week we brought you some fresh info and a new trailer for the latest Assassin’s Creed game, Revelations, and we’re back today to follow that up with some new screenshots and artwork, courtesy of Game Informer.

You may notice that a few of these shots have been released before now, but the majority of them are brand new.

Source: Game Informer



  1. the screens look amazing!,i am glad that they are going back to Israel and Iran for this next installment.

  2. Beautiful. Is that those firework [flashbang] type things being able to be used in single player mode [they were only available in multiplayer on brotherhood]? The places look fantastic. In the temple type one is that a picture of the real thing vs the game or what?

    • By the looks of things you may get to meet subject 16 in some virtual form :) anyone else think Brotherhood’s subject 16 puzzles got a little bit too hard at the end? Also just noticed the eagle headed hook that you must use to do the wire traversals. I have this pre-ordered but if last year’s anything to go by, I’ll take my day one £10 off at supermarkets thanks :)

      • Oh it was hard even the chess lol… I admitted googling it for answers lol.
        Still it was great fun playing it.

  3. Looks great…
    Oh, and is that Masyaf I see there? Sweeeet.

    • Yep, Masyaf, Constantinople/Istanbul and an undergound city in Cappadocia are the confirmed locations so far. Rhodes is also the location for the Multiplayer. :)

  4. This looks very cool. I’m liking what looks like a town inside a cave very much.

  5. Some beautiful screens and art work there, can’t wait.

  6. I reckon that the last screen, with the oddly placed blocks, will see the camera zoom out and pan around so that the blocks form a big ‘4’.

    I only got in to the series with the last instalment and was blown away with the depth of play, story and challenges. So this next instalment is a definite purchase. I just hope that the multiplayer is improved as I never really got in to it in Brotherhood.

    • Just looking at the blocks, maybe there is actually a pan to reveal some sort of logo. The blocks on the lower left seem to have some kind of hole in them.

  7. Oaft! Ezio kicks ass :P Canni wait

  8. Absolutely beautiful love the top 6 screens ^^

  9. Still to complete Brotherhood. May do it this week but if i get LA NOIRE it will have to slip out of the machine again.

  10. Damn Ezio is looking grandpa old!

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