Split/Second Devs Form ‘Roundcube Entertainment’

Nick Baynes and Ian Monaghan, formally of Black Rock Studios, have gone on to set up their own business – Roundcube Entertainment.

After finishing work on Split/Second, they were hit by the layoffs that affected Black Rock. Nick Baynes will be the studio head whilst Ian Monaghan becomes development director.


No word on any new projects as of yet, but we will keep you posted.

Source: GI.biz



  1. It was a shame that the studio got broken up as, not only for the people involved but, personally, I really enjoyed Split/Second and was actually reasonably good at it. Would love a sequel!

    • Seconded – I was only saying on Monday (during the S/S meet) that it was a damn shame that there wouldn’t be a sequel. Hopefully those telepathy lessons have come in handy!

      • Yeah was absolutely gutted and would never sell my Split/Second copy, it’s staying on my shelf as it is fun to replay especially the Airport scene – Brilliant.
        In my honest opinion > I think the chaos around S/S is better than Motorstorm Apoloclypse!
        Just saying!
        @Forrest I might be joing the meet next work as Motorstorm may be changing dates soon, will let you know nearer the time.

      • Split/Second was a brilliantly enjoyable game, loved it.

    • Loved S/S, best racer since (& maybe including) Burnout 3

      • For me, nothing can touch Burnout Paradise if you are including that in the racers. Beyond that though, I agree.

  2. SONY…..buy them!!

    • They can pitch their game to Sony if they want, they are yet to prove themselves as a studio.

  3. I can’t believe that it might not have a sequel as at the end of the game it said to be continued…

  4. Agreed a S/S sequel seemed so sure with the cliffhanger style ending….Oh well, one can hope

    • Cliffhanger style ending in a racing game? Did I miss something about a story?

      • Not a story as such, but there was indeed a ‘to be continued…’ ending.

        & if you haven’t played S/S, then yes, you have missed something special & should pick it up as soon as possible (IMO). You can get it cheap as chips these days.

      • actually, i’m kinda surprised at a racing game having any kind of ending at all.

  5. Really hope they can thrash out a spiritual successor to S/S and pitch it to the big publishers for funding to get it made

  6. Hope they do well.

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