Split/Second DLC Lands Today

In Split/Second, Black Rock Studios created an epic action arcade racer, set in a made-for-TV city, rigged with explosives and home to some of the most thrilling racing action and biggest set pieces this console generation.

If the full game left you wanting more, then today’s updates to the PSN Store and XBL Marketplace sees the release of the ‘Survival At The Rock DLC pack’. This contains a whole new circuit called The Minepit and a new game mode – Survival Race. The new mode is similar to the Survival mode contained in the original game, but instead of racing to overtake the explosive trucks in a checkpoint fashion, this time it’s competitive racing action over a set number of laps, with of course the explosive barrel-spilling trucks providing added excitement.


The DLC is available today for £5.49/€6.99/$6.99 or 560 MS Points.

This isn’t the end of Black Rock’s support for Split/Second as there are two more DLC packs already lined up, the first of which lands next week; the Deadline Pack contains four new vehicles and another game mode –  Deadline mode which sees you racing against the clock, which you can freeze by picking up items on the circuit. Secondly the following week there is a Quarry Onslaught pack, with yet another circuit and additional game mode playable in both single player and multiplayer, which sees players racing on any circuits against each other with the missile firing helicopters from Air Strike mode reappearing, but this time in a competitive race mode rather than against the clock.

You can check out the launch trailer for this week’s Survival At The Rock below.



  1. Quarry Onslaught soounds tempting

    • yeah, the multiplayer air strike mode would be a laugh, if a little frustrating ;)

  2. Looks good. I think the original game was good, but lacking on content.

    I might get this.

    • The action so good I wanted more of it

  3. This may be just the thing I need to dust off my PS3.

    Liking the fact that even they’ve dropped the ‘Velocity’ tag.

    • nah, it’s always been just split/second in america.

    • They haven’t it just me being lazy :p
      couldn’t find an EU trailer either

  4. Any news as to whether these new DLC packs will have extra trophies?

  5. I can’t tell if the track is available to play in the normal modes like race and detonator, does anyone know for sure?

    • It isn’t clear with this DLC – but as it points out the Onslaught mode (the 3rd in the series of DLC) is compatible across circuits it may not be.

      The Survival mode circuits in the orginal game are tailered just for Survival mode, so maybe not

  6. Nice to see proper DLC being released for a driving game and not just fancy paint jobs.

  7. Not sure myself, it’s not really that clear whether it will be, let’s hope so.

  8. ill be picking this upp in the very near future

  9. Nice to see some DLC hitting the store for this. Should hopefully increase this game’s longevity a bit!!

  10. Is it just me or how do you actually access the DLC?

    I installed the DLC, was prompted for an update & now stuffed if I can see the new track or mode?

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